One trip around the sun… check

Dear Otis,

We did it! We survived an entire year! High five, Little Man.

You have changed our world completely and in all ways good. It’s so cliche, but you’ve allowed me to experience a kind of love that is huge. Simply huge. Thank you.

In one year we’ve already created so many memories:

There was the first time you laughed. And when you pooped on the floor.

There is the crush you have on your Aunt Melissa (you come from redneck stock, but not that redneck).  That you’re kind of snobby towards your Lola and Yada even though they probably love you more than their own kids. That you will do almost anything to make your Poppy laugh. How sitting on your Grandpa’s lap to play on his computer and fan is always at the top of your agenda. Your Uncle Bobby isn’t just an uncle he’s also the best amusement park ride on earth.

Your obsession with guitars, pianos, and radios. The reminder that music is a hobby. Not a job. Just kidding.

Taking you to countless baby showers, bridal showers, Tartar Sauce Club meetings, book clubs and even a Royal Wedding party. How I firmly believe you hid under your nursing cover during the Royal Wedding party.

How you love the cats even when they look at you like you’re a crack addict begging for money. All those things you’ve done or I’ve let happen that we can’t tell anyone about because your grandparents would have a collective freak out session.

Having heart attacks every time you coughed while experimenting with solid foods. How you’ll go almost anywhere if you think there’s food at the end of the journey. The time you begged a stranger for food. Like a puppy.

How you get really confused when people pay attention to babies that aren’t you.

The diaper that your dad saved. The joy when I get home from work. The chiropractor bill that your dad and I will have because we let you sleep with us.

The look on your face the first time you heard my voice.

Obviously that’s not even close to everything. But that’s all I can think about without becoming a tearful mess.

You have taught me so much this year. You remind me daily that one more hug is immensely more important than one more dollar. And that I can’t encourage you to do your best and chase your dreams if your dad and I don’t walk that truth out alongside you in our own lives. And that kisses make people feel special. The more slobber the better.

Happy Birthday, O-Bear. You are an absolute treasure.

Mama Bear

P.S. You still aren’t walking. Not judging. Just making a note. We’ll talk about it at your evaluation.

P.P.S. JUST KIDDING! You’re perfect.

4 thoughts on “One trip around the sun… check

  1. C-Mom says:

    Ps. Thanks Mark and Marie for our Otis

    • Yada says:

      Otis we were so happy to have you with us today you made my day with your kisses. My dear grandson you light up my world!
      Your Poppy and Yada love you so much!!!

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