A home

We have a home. Like, we moved into an actual house. With walls and everything. Oh, and a kitchen! THAT I USED. That’s right. I prepped two frozen meals for the week. Because that is how Marie-with-a-house rolls.

You guys. This is huge.

I know it isn’t like we won an Oscar, but I really do need to take the time to thank Tim Earls the most amazing realtor on earth and Kimberly Ripmaster the most amazing lending officer on earth.

Our home ownership story was not an easy one. The first house we put an offer on was refused because the bank decided to go ahead and foreclose it. We were outbid on the second house we put an offer on (and we even went over asking price!). And then we put an offer on the third house. On our home.

It took probably 2 months from the offer being accepted to moving in. It seemed like every week we’d get something that should have been bad news and brought us down. And every time either one of us (Mark or I) wanted to get down because we weren’t in our house we’d remind each other about the team that was on our side.

Tim was beyond patient. He took us to see a bajillion houses. Trust me. I counted. He let us look around, take our time, and would point out things we would never think about. Something I’ve heard a couple of times from friends is that their realtor seemed hesitant to put in lower offers. Maybe they didn’t want to look stupid? I don’t really know. But Tim was always willing to help us come up with a number that felt like a fair price to start the conversation with which is awesome. It also allowed us to get an AMAZING deal on our house.

Most importantly, he was exceptional about keeping us in the loop about what was going on. He answered any questions we had so quickly that I honest to goodness thought we were the only buyers he was working with. Which is impossible because he’s been #1 with his company since 2009. We never once thought Tim had forgotten about us or put our home buying needs on the back burner.

Kimberly was who I lovingly called our “mortgage lady”. Did you know that you can get girl crushes on your mortgage lady? You can. She was on top of everything. She had everything done with a quickness. The only reason that it took so long for us to close was because the seller’s side would literally take a week and a half to respond to EVERYTHING. She is now with SWBC  Mortgage and said that their closings average 12 days. TWELVE DAYS. Insanity.

Mark and I can’t gush enough about this team. There is so much natural stress and frustration that comes from buying a house and there is no better feeling than trusting the people that are in your corner. Basically, if you’re in Middle Tennessee and looking for a realtor that you can trust then Tim Earls is your man.

With that said, I’m off to home owner mecca…Pinterest!

7 thoughts on “A home

  1. Congrats, Marie! We need photos!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I have been wondering if you guys were the newest homeowners I knew or what! I actually checked your blog yesterday to see if you had blogged about it. Since not, I was going to text you today to ask. (Were you reading my mind or what?) I am so excited that you guys were able to get a home! Congrats!!! I can’t wait to see it or pictures!

    I am also glad you had great luck with a realtor. I love the guy we used. Kimberly was our “mortgage lady” too. Can you believe she has had a billion kids? Well maybe just 2 or 3 but still…Her youngest is between Macie and Otis’s age! She was at a different mortgage company than the one you mentioned for her when she worked with us. (She then moved to another company and now a third place.) So I am actually glad to know which company she is with now. We have thought about refinancing and would use her again. Good to know where we can find her now.

    I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to see your new place! Let’s meet for lunch again soon! 🙂

    • Marie says:

      Yes! I need to see you soon 🙂 And what a small world that Kimberly was your mortgage lady, too. And Tim mentioned that she had a baby and I was flabbergasted. How on earth does she do it, right?

  3. huge congrats! so exciting!!

  4. […] Mark and I were house hunting in 2012 we worked with an amazing realtor and his suggested mortgage finance lady. Besides the fact that us buying a home was an epic act of faith, there was a moment during the […]

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