Arduino Oates

Did you know that I have a “math minor”? Quotations for a couple of reasons .

First, I don’t believe minors were real things at Tech (oops, I’m wrong! It’s real and I have one).

Second, when I try to explain what a derivative is my go to definition is, “Well, if you need to calculate how fast water would be coming out of a bucket with a hole in it while pouring more water in it… you’d use a derivative. And, you should probably get your bucket patched”. Which is a horrible definition of a derivative. Certainly not one that a (real) math minor would give.

But neither of these things have ever stopped me from bragging about being a math minor.


Last week, however, my distinction got me some extra attention from the hubs.

Mark: What do you know about derivatives?

Me: Well, if you need to calculate how fast water would be coming out of a bucket…

Mark: Yeah, well, what about as it applies to electronics?

Me: I got nothing.

And then the sermon on Arduinos started.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

That beeping? It’s the nerd alarm. Goes off regularly at our house…

I was able to hang during the conversation for about 15 minutes. Once my braniac limit was reached my brain started wandering and I started supplying the air with “Uh-huhs” and “Oh wows” and “Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Ha, get it? That’s a robot joke. I think…”

After my eighth “you don’t say!”, I looked down at Otis who was playing politely on the floor. He looked up at me with a face that said, “Don’t you worry, Mama. I got this”. He then turned, looked up at Mark with the sweetest smile, and put his hands over his ears.


At the most perfect timing ever our son gave his dad the international sign for, “Please quit talking”.

We died. Of laughter. And pride. Because our son is one cool little mofo.

*I’m teasing Mark in this blog, but the Arduino thing is really pretty cool (20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects here). And cheap, too! In all seriousness, Mark’s my favorite nerd in the world and I’ll happily listen to him for hours as he speaks Klingon.

One thought on “Arduino Oates

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