Where’s that sign up sheet?

My sister, mom, and I went out to lunch a few weeks ago. My sister is headed to college this fall and had just found out who her roommates were going to be and which dorm she’d be living in.

She didn’t like the news she’d gotten. She was going to be in a three person dorm room (the horror!) and she had looked up her future roommates on Facebook and was not impressed (“Her cover picture is a Bible verse… weird”).

Note: I adore my sister. She’s everything I’m not and a ton more sarcastic. I love it because I get to live vicariously through her who-gives-a-crap attitude. She is also a teenage girl. This means she’s moody and has no filter on her eye-rolling. All of this is why I pray every day that if Mark and I are blessed with another child that it have a penis. And if it doesn’t have a penis that we have enough money to send her off to boarding school from the age of 11 to 43.)

Then this conversation happened…

Melissa: This is so stupid! I signed up to room with Alicen AND I do not want a 3 person dorm room. College is going to SUCK!

My mom: It’s going to be ok. You’ll be fine. That girl has a Bible verse on her Facebook? Answered prayer! Praise, Jesus!

Melissa: Nope. I’m protesting. I’m not doing it. It’s not what I signed up for.

My mom: Well, I didn’t sign up for cancer

Melissa: Did you seriously just go there? GAH!

My mom DID go there. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Again, I adore my sister, but on principle all teenage girls should be laid out with the smack down of Perspective.

Also, this is me sharing my mom’s diagnosis with you guys. She’s going in for surgery today to remove the tumor. We have only heard good news and predictions pretty much since they found the cancer (it’s small, not spreading, and caught miraculously early).

I have so many emotions swirling around right now, but I’m focusing on being grateful, joyful, and peaceful. Honestly? My focus is not by choice. It’s by example. My mom has been amazing. She’s putting into action every sermon, Bible study, and quiet time she’s ever heard or read. She is living the Word of God so many others simply read. It’s powerful to see Him in action.

Any and all prayers, good thoughts, positive energy are more than appreciated this afternoon during her surgery. Thanks, guys 🙂

4 thoughts on “Where’s that sign up sheet?

  1. adrian says:

    your mom is awesome!! praying good thoughts of positive energy 😉

  2. Connie says:

    Marie your Mom is one of kind and a wonderful woman of faith. Love you all.

  3. thelaohom says:

    Yes, your mom is awesome!! I will be sure to keep in my thoughts and prayers.

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