I only run when something is chasing me

There’s a funny e-card that I see on Facebook a lot. It’s the one that says something like, “If I’m running it’s because something is chasing me”. That is me. I don’t run.

(Ha, I found it!)

But I’m thinking that I might run this one time. And not because it will help me get away from something scary. No, it’s because I want to help other women and their children get away from something scary… their abusive homes.

My friend and fellow blogger Sarah works for the YWCA and they have a program called Re-New. Re-New makes old things new again (like Pinterest!) and furnishes transitional housing for women who are deciding to get out of  abusive homes. The idea is to put women in safe and clean homes filled with toiletries, food in the pantry, and decor that takes it from feeling like just a place to sleep to a place where a family can heal.

These families need to know that there is a community behind them that cares. If you live in Middle Tennessee then we are their community. If you are like me and have the blessing of going to a home that is safe and peaceful, I think it would be beautiful for us to give from our bounty to those that are in need of that peace right now.

Families are running for Re-New on October 6th. Let’s join them.

And if you have any kind of network online (a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog) a wonderful way for you to help these families, the YWCA, and Re-New is to spread the word about the Run. Tell all of your friends. It matters.

Need help sharing the news? Just copy and paste this as your status (you’re welcome :p):

I believe in fresh starts and stroller runs. Run for Re-New http://www.runforrenew.com/

run for renew

One thought on “I only run when something is chasing me

  1. Becca George says:

    This sounds so fun! I am totally in!

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