I bet you’re an awesome mom

I found the Adopt US Kids website about a year ago, and I found these videos about what it’s like to be taken away and the hope of being adopted. And I cried. Bawled like a little baby.

I don’t know what’s in the air right now, but there’s some serious mommy guilt going on. I’m feeling it, and I know friends are feeling it. I don’t think there’s anything making us feel this way… we just are.

I went looking for these videos again because they showed me something really, really important…

Our kids don’t want anything more than to know that they belong to a family. It doesn’t take long for a kid to figure out that this world can be mean and scary, especially a kid that’s been taken into foster care. And all a kid really needs or wants is to know that there is a small group of people, her family, that is going to love her, cheer for her, hug her, and not give up on her when she screws up.

Do you notice what none of these kids cared about? None of these kids cared about what kind of car seat they had when they went home from the hospital or whether their mom used generic store-brand diapers or cloth diapers. These kids don’t care if their mom worked 50 hours a week or stayed home and did Popsicle crafts with them all day. The only thing these kids mention is that they want to be wanted and they want stability. That’s it.

If your kid can wake up each morning trusting you love him and knows that you’ve got his back no matter what then I say that you’re one heck of a mom and go on with your bad self.

Mommy rant is now over.

One thought on “I bet you’re an awesome mom

  1. Heather says:

    Ahh. Mom guilt. Well, for all of those who have to work, here is a post from the other side. Usually, I’m extremely happy that I’m in a position where I can stay home with my son. Don’t get me wrong, it’s almost always awesome. But guilt happens on my side as well. I never (ever, in a million years) thought I would be a stay at home mom. And I most likely won’t be forever, but for the 1st year, I have been. And what I want most in the world is to get away for a while (you know, a weekend, or a month…). And let me tell you, the guilt you feel for having to go to work is possibly (as i don’t like to assume) not as great as the guilt I feel for not being more grateful for my ability to stay home. It is incredibly frustrating. And exhausting. And so many more things. We are all awesome moms. And everyone has to find their own way. I’ll leave it at that. Good job and good luck!

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