Thanksgiving fantasies from The Drink Girl

Me: So what can I bring for Thanksgiving dinner?

MIL: Hmmm… drinks. You can bring drinks.

I had officially become The Drink Girl.

Let’s not kid ourselves. We know what it means when you are asked to bring drinks (or paper products). You can’t cook. And everyone knows it. More importantly, everyone knows you’re just going to go to the store to buy something to throw into a casserole dish or onto a plate and pray that everyone thinks you made it. Telling someone to just take care of the drinks is like saying, “The jig is up, Lady. You don’t cook. And we still love you. Now go buy us some Dr. Pepper”.

Honestly, I’m kinda relieved that I can just pop into a convenience store and I’m done sweating Thanksgiving. But let’s be real. You can’t bring something to Thanksgiving dinner and not quietly fantasize about everyone falling madly in love with your cranberry squash casserole, right? We all want to go home with an empty dish, our egos pumped up with compliments about how perfect the sweet potato pie was or shameless begging from your relatives for your tofu stuffing recipe.

Don’t front. You know what I’m talking about.

And as The Drink Girl, I can attest that even I’m fantasizing about how people will react to my drink selection…

“Who bought these drinks? This Coca-Cola is amazing!”

“I have never been to a Thanksgiving dinner with so much VARIETY on the drink table. Who is responsible for this fine selection?”

“Marie. You’ve outdone yourself. Bravo. Bravo, Young Lady.”

There might even be a few fantasies of standing ovations around the drink station. What? A girl can dream.

All that said, make sure to thank whoever is putting turkey in your tummy tomorrow, and don’t forget to throw your Drink Girl a round of applause compliment or two.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving fantasies from The Drink Girl

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    Ha ha! My family begs me to make Sweet Tea for every family function/event. I won’t lie. It’s is soo good. I finally perfected my Granny’s “Granny tea”!! Even my Dad’s sisters said that it tastes like their mother’s sweet tea aka “Granny tea”! That is a HUGE compliment in my family. So bravo to one “drink girl” from another “drink girl”. 😉

    PS. I have about 15 unopened 2 liters in my garage if you don’t make it to the store in time. lol Everyone drank my tea at Macie’s party instead of cokes!

  2. […] know I’m the drink girl, right? And y’all know that if I do show up with something delicious it probably came from […]

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