Thanksgiving 2012 is a success


You guys.

Best Thanksgiving Day ever.

My mother-in-love’s sisters and their families came to visit us in Nashville. Half of the visitors were a surprise AND WE PULLED IT OFF. Awesomesauce.

Also, my MIL and the rest of the fam read yesterday’s post. Today after the prayer she stopped everyone from getting food to do some “special acknowledgements”. I totally didn’t get it. We all said thanks to Aunt Jannett and Uncle Rick for the turkey. Tracy for green bean casserole and Trista for sweet potato casserole. It didn’t take long for me to realize what was going on, and then my MIL says, “And the most important acknowledgement of all… THE COKE GIRL” and all the ladies (myself included) died laughing. Best part? I didn’t bring any drinks! They went shopping the night before and I saw tons of canned cokes so I figured they didn’t need anymore. I died.

And at my parents’ house we played internet trivia games. Because we are nerds. And we don’t have a tv. We also stink at state capitals. Ok, fine. I stink at state capitals.

I hope everyone made beautiful memories today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas can now commence.

One thought on “Thanksgiving 2012 is a success

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Ha ha ha!! You didn’t bring drinks. That is hilarious. Some chick asked me at the store last night what spices you use when making dressing. I stood there for awhile thinking about any kind of “spice” that I had seen on a stove top stuffing box. I couldn’t think of anything other than sage. (Which was already in the lady’s hand.) So I just smiled and said “my family only let’s me bring the drinks. I have no clue what goes in stuffing other than bread bits.” She looked at me as if I were an alien and didn’t say anything. Then said “well, my daughter has my recipe at home. I just can’t think of what other spice is needed.”. She looked at me as if that would jog my memory. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked off. Lol I was like dang…if only marie were here with me.

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