Completely Pinterest Worthy 2-Year Old Birthday Party

I’m known for being an effortless hostess. And by “effortless” I mean I will order pizza and throw our dirty laundry in the coat closet before you get to the door. Just call me Martha Stewart.

So when Otis’s second birthday rolled around you knew that I was going to go all out. I was on Pinterest for months planning and thinking and crafting when it hit me like a ton of stinky diapers:

Otis doesn’t care.

I don’t know if it’s because he is a boy. Or because he’s pretty laid back. Or because HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS. But whatever the reason, I relieved myself of all birthday planning stress, went to my happy place, and created this Completely Pinterest-Worthy Celebration…

The Guests

We invited 6 people to Otis’s party. Two sets of grandparents, the aunt, and the uncle. Otis has friends from various groups (MOPS, church, kids of friends of mine), but there is no one he loves more than his family so that’s who we invited. Otis actually loves having people over to the house (he will cry bloody murder when you leave… yes, even you, UPS guy) so when his favorite people started gathering in his house he almost fainted from excitement.

The Decor

You guys know that I enjoy crafts as much as Grumpy Cat.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I really went to town on Otis’s 2nd Birthday Decor…

We have a loft room above the living room, and Otis typically goes there before we go downstairs for the day (I guess Little Joffrey needs to survey his kingdom first), and when Otis saw the “sea of balloons” he almost peed himself in excitement. Well, to be honest he pees himself all of the time as of right now, but I guess that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways, we blew up a pack of 30 or so balloons when he went to bed and had them on the living room floor, and Otis Bear ate that crap up.

What says birthday party better than streamers? Lime green streamers, nonetheless. Again, another creative venture by the Mark and Marie Duo. I was done about 5 streamers in, but Mark insisted we cover everything. Perfectionists, can’t live with ’em, could get a lot of stuff done without ’em… amirite?

I also made Otis a banner for the mantle using Googled images of cars and tires, his two favorite things in the whole wide world (this was before his lawncare fetish had reached its peak). I’ll have a banner tutorial ready for you guys next week. (Please tell me you know that was a joke).

The Food

I was thisclose to just ordering pizza and getting a bucket of KFC, but quickly decided that this family deserved more. They deserved Mark and I making a meal that they would enjoy and would NOT cause problems in the bathroom.

I went to Plain Chicken to find recipes we might be able to successfully pull off. There I found a recipe for Morton’s burgers (they were delish) and this Chicken Pesto Alfredo:

I’m sure the guests at the party are reading this and thinking, “What? I’ve never eaten that!!” Yes, you did. Trust me.

This was a super easy recipe once I found all of the ingredients. True story: I stood in Publix’s bread aisle googling “Where do you find pesto?” after a 30 minute search for the stuff. Also, when something says “refrigerated fettuccine” they mean fresh fettuccine, not put it in the refrigerator after it’s been cooked fettuccine.

The Cake

The cake. THE CAKE. The cake almost caused Mark and I to get divorced.

Me: Ok, I’m going to go ahead and get the cake done tonight so we can cook tomorrow.

Mark: I want to help.

It was a box cake, People.

Me: But there are, like, 5 ingredients. Or maybe just 2. Where is the butter? Does it need butter? I like to get all of my ingredients out on the table so that I can be prepared. I think Chef Ramsay is really big about having a prepared kitchen, and you know I love being prepared. Now where is a spoon to mix the stuff with? Are you watching Otis?

Mark: Finished! You pre-heated the oven, right?

Me: What?!?!?! But I’M the MOM. And I’M supposed to lovingly bake him his birthday cake you jerk!

Mark: Cool. You can put it in! (Seriously doesn’t get that I’m upset right now)


Mark: But it’s just a box cake… there’s not much more than that…

Me: I hate you.

He eventually gave me a spoon to lick and let me decorate so I got over it. Kind of…

The Gifts
I’m sure we only have half of the toys other families do, but we are at capacity and weren’t keen on bringing more in the house. So I sent out an email:

I asked everyone to write a letter to Otis because (research says) it’s important for a child to know where he/she came from and who his/her family is. Mark and I don’t have a lot to give Otis, but a close and loving relationship with grandparents? We have that in spades.

The response was wonderful. I love that each grandparent was taking this letter so seriously. I have no clue what anyone wrote, and I pray Otis understands just how important family is and how much he is loved.

Of course we are talking about grandparents and none of them came with just a letter.

All in all, we had a wonderful time celebrating the little munchkin, and you can’t pin that can you?

9 thoughts on “Completely Pinterest Worthy 2-Year Old Birthday Party

  1. Stacy says:

    Love this!! What a freeing realization about Otis not caring. I mean what 2 year old really does??? I’m going to use this post to bring me back to reality when Hallie’s birthdays come around.

    • Marie says:

      Ha, well it definitely freed me from a meltdown, but I seriously think that if you enjoy crafting and planning go for it! I am just not talented on ANY level (see: green streamers).

  2. Secret Agent CT says:

    I am glad that you posted this! I love the idea about the letters (and just might steal your idea). I have actually been wondering about Otis’s birthday party. Ie. When will it be? ha! It sounds like you had the perfect party! If you are in need of some toys, I’d happy send you home with a trunk full. ha ha! Plus whatever else is lying around my house that you will agree to take. ha ha!! 🙂 Seriously…I need to get rid of some stuff! Do you need any furniture?

    I am in the very beginning stages of party planning for Maggie. I just can’t decide what to do. I beyond enjoy Macie’s parties every year and actually love planning them. (I kind of secretly think they are my birthday party too.Maybe that is why I like it so much.) I just can’t get into the party planning mode. I am also throwing a bridal shower soon and can’t get going on that one either. Ugh… Think letters, ballons, and streamers scream bridal shower? 😉

    • Marie says:

      You are cracking me up! I’ll come over this summer and go “shopping” 😉
      And I said it on FB, but people that are actually good at planning and crafting? Rock on! I just suck so bad (like, seriously, the green streamers honestly felt like a good idea when I bought them hahahaha!) Your parties are always so fun so don’t turn into Marie on this one!

  3. Adorbs! And you should write more 🙂 Otis is so stinkin’ cute.

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