Otis and the Big Kids

I love going back to read old blog posts because there are so many details that I forget, and I hate that. So this week will be where I dump out all of Otis’s shenanigans from the summer because he’s who I want to remember most of all. Him becoming a toddler has been a slow process, and like every other mom in the world it has been so much fun to watch him grow into all of his Otis-ness.

Hanging out with the Big Kids

Normally, Otis is Clingy McClingerson when it comes to, well, anything. Anything, that is, except Big Kids. Otis loves him some big kid.

Like a few months ago we went to his friend’s Jairo’s birthday party. The adults were all downstairs and the kids were upstairs playing in Jairo’s room. Otis didn’t want to go with anyone while we mingled with the adults, but as soon as he saw the kids playing he was all, “Seeyalaterbye”.

Seriously, the kid that acts like he might die if I’m not within 2 feet of him at all times jumped out of my arms, went into the bedroom, and when I called his name so I could get a picture he walked over and shut the door.


And I was so proud.

photo 1
“Mom, leave us alone. Gah! #momsareclingy”

photo 3

He has also started hanging out with the big kids whenever they are at my parent’s house, too. One day I walked into his play room to find him just chillaxing with his buddies.

image_3 (2)

And never forget the epitome of Big Kid coolness, Canyon. I’m pretty sure that Otis is the president of that fan club.



I have seriously considered asking moms of 6-year old boys to let me babysit their kid because what would really happen is that THEIR kid would babysit MY kid. And I could stay on Instagram looking at Kim Kardashian and Tiffany Amber Thiessen photos all day long. Unfortunately, I think that’s wrong on all kinds of levels. But if you have a 6 year old, hit me up, yo.

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