Nashville Tourists

One of our favorite weekends of the year was playing tourist in Nashville with my best friends from high school. I love these ladies like they are my sisters. It’s a bit trippy to think that we’ve gone from having our moms drive us to tennis lessons and Logan’s to becoming college roomates to standing beside each other at weddings to lugging our babies across the country for our girls’ weekends.

Normally, we take an annual trip together during Labor Day weekend but this year I was poor and couldn’t fly Otis and I anywhere. Michelle and Kaia ended up coming to Nashville instead and we treated the weekend like we were tourists in the city we literally grew up in.

The funny thing is that because we grew up here we had never done half of the things tourists do, so it turned into a pretty fun adventure.

We started the day off at Pancake Pantry where Otis couldn’t sit down and insisted on making googly eyes at Kaia. Or maybe Michelle. Either way, sorry, Jeff.


Then we went to Centennial Park:

Kinda funny. Otis never goes with new people, right? Well, never unless he wants to photobomb a picture (or you’re a six year old boy). Michelle’s best friends/sorority sisters were also in town and Michelle did a group shot with them. And Otis walked right over and got in the picture like the Kardashian wannabee ham that he is:

The park’s sprinkler system or a makeshift splashpad? Your call:

And in his best Daddy-impression, toddler rock climbing at that park next to Cumberland River.


We ended the night by walking around 2nd Avenue. With babies. It felt like that scene in Sweet Home Alabama, “You have a baby… in a bar”. And while we considered going to the bar we, in fact, did not.

Instead, we did a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city and then had ice cream at a famous (?) ice cream place on Broadway. Yep, toddlers eating ice cream in downtown Nashville at 8:30…. why not?

This was Kaia. She could literally have performed surgery afterwards, she was that clean. And possibly that smart, too.


And this was Otis. Well, let’s just say if these two get married we know what their premarital counseling will be about:

We also went to Shakespeare in the Park with the babies. That felt risky, but our kids were wonderful. Otis actually loved the production and even started to cry when one of the actors did. Future thespian, perhaps?

It was a month ago and I have already forgotten the production (Midsummer Night’s Dream?), but there was a lot of fairy stuff going on and Kaia and McKenzie (Kaia’s cousin) came dressed as fairies. Since meeting Otis I have had no desire for a little girl, but that night? My ovaries were all kinds of achey for someone to dress up in a fairy costume:

We also hit up the Greek Festival. Where they had a petting zoo. And where I learned that Otis loves the petting zoo. Look at these kids hobnob with the some of the finest farm animals around.

There was a goat:


Chatting with a llama (?), “So what do you think about Syria?”


Blessing a baby cow that was totally over the petting zoo experience. Honest to goodness thought Baby Cow was going to bite Baby Otis.


The funniest part was how Otis fed the animals. One kibble at a time, People. Who does that? I bet the goat was all, “One kibble? What’s wrong with your stingy, diaper covered butt? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


My favorite moment from the weekend was Otis’s second photobomb. I, in my weirdness, wanted a pic with the goat but my favorite billy goat in the land decided to call upon his inner frat boy and bust into our picture. Am I the only one that can sense the goat’s sadness?


All said and done it was a wonderful time with friends that I am so thankful to have

2 thoughts on “Nashville Tourists

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    Let’s go to the zoo sometime together!! I have a membership that gets one additional person in for free. Plus a coupon for $5 bucks off. So Otis would only cost $5 to get in! That’s almost free! 🙂

    Text me and we can plan something!

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