Mom, that’s my jam!

Right now I’m in a season of life where most of my friends are moms. This can be a hard season for lots of women because sometimes your best friends don’t become moms at the same time you do, and you’re at an age where it isn’t exactly easy to make new friends and you go into 7th-grade girl levels of anxiety because WHO AM I GOING TO SIT WITH AT LUNCH?!?!

Needless to say, it can be horrible.

But not for me! Because God was all, “Marie, I’mma hook you up” (or maybe that was Kanye’s voice I heard…)

And He gave me Becca.

We actually met before she became a Mama Bear, but our relationship was built on the topic of becoming a parent and she’s essentially the catalyst for that book I wrote.

Becca is amazing. I’ve known this since I met her. But it hit me like a ton of bricks when we were driving home from Touch-A-Truck (more on that later). We were in the middle of a conversation about something very important/deep/life-changing when Lorde’s Royal song came on. And we both paused so that we could jam with our favorite 16 year old.

That doesn’t normally happen on mommy dates. On mommy dates you have to be a grown up. You have to lie and say your kid hates Goldfish. That you don’t understand moms that “need a break”. You have to make sure that your kid doesn’t punch a hole in their television during those tantrums that he “never has”.

You DO NOT get all “Gurl, that’s my jam!” on a mommy date.

But with Becca you can. And then you do.

And if Otis ever decides to talk, he’d tell you about how Becca introduced him to Touch-A-Truck which is HIS jam (like that segue?)

Touch-A-Truck is where all of these big trucks and construction equipment gather in a parking lot so that little boys and girls can, well, touch them.

Otis was in heaven.

Becca surprised us with the idea which is why I’m dressed like I’m going to check the mail while out of work for a sick day. This is the point where my mom is yelling at the computer about why doesn’t her oldest daughter understand decency. I didn’t know we were going out, Mom! It doesn’t matter, Marie, you should take showers when you’re going into public!

Sorry you guys had to see that.

But you aren’t going to be sorry to see this:

What Otis’s dreams are made of:

Touch a truck Tractor
I mean, does that face not scream excitement?

Touch a Truck Riding dirty

And this face? This face screams cuteness.

Touch a Truck Everett

Marie. Where are your nice clothes? Why do you do this to me? – My mom

Touch a Truck with Mom


Becca. Be fabulous. And obviously Otis loves him a photobomb.

Touch a Truck

Slowly, but surely, recapping all of Otis’s 2013 shenanigans.

One thought on “Mom, that’s my jam!

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    Ummm… you wrote a book! Holy crap! That is awesome! I would love to write a book sometime, only I don’t have anything to write about. Wow! I feel so cool because we are friends and you wrote a book! 🙂 That is awesome Marie!

    The touch a truck place is awesome! Macie would love that! Is that just like a pop-up thing or there when only special people know about it?

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