An Elf Warrior Goes to a PJ Party

We have this tradition (we did it last year for the first time so, yeah, tradition) where all the “McKinneys” wear the same pajamas on Christmas morning. My mom, sister, and I created this tradition last year a few days before Christmas and we ended up totally mismatched. The ladies had purple and gold nightgowns. The men had black grinch pajama pants. The Otis had a light blue polar bear pajama set.

Not exactly the stylings of a Kardashian Christmas photo, but we still had fun.

I picked Otis’s pajamas up at Target this weekend. They seemed cute enough & I figured they’d work well enough for our tradition AND for today’s #HollyJollyPjParty, a virtual pajama party for the kids. 
I’m not going to lie. I didn’t realize how feminine red was until I put my little boy in his Christmas pj’s.

photo 1

Me: Mark. I messed up.

Mark: What’s wrong?

Me: He looks like a… girl.

Mark: No, he doe-… ok, maybe a little bit. Why didn’t you get blue pajamas?


That’s me starting to admit I’m wrong and then someone agreeing with me about being wrong and then me getting super defensive because I’M NOT WRONG.

photo 2

Otis is obviously adorable no matter the color scheme, and the pj’s looked a little less feminine when we straightened out the neck area to be less scoopy (this shirt was NOT blessed with a wide neck). And Mark was more bothered by the striped pants (“Boys don’t wear stripes like that.” “Tell that to Buddy,…Buddy.”).

I’d love to tell you that Otis was being all festive and eager to wrap the presents we still haven’t bought.

photo 5

But the reality was he needed more “hoards”, or swords for those that don’t speak Otis, because, um, winter is coming? Being a boy mom is rough, I tell ya.

 photo 3

The rest of the night he was known as Elf Warrior.

Can’t wait to see all the other pajamaed babies!


2 thoughts on “An Elf Warrior Goes to a PJ Party

  1. julie says:

    Too funny! I think red looks great on him! Thanks for linking up with us!

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