16 Signs You’re A Little (or a lot) Type Z

No joke, I zoomed through this list of signs you’re Type A because none of them resonated with me. None of them. Sure, I’m a little concerned, but hey, what can you do, right?

So here’s my list of how to know you’re Type Z:

  1. Waiting in long lines is like a mini-vacation.
    No one is expecting anything from you and you can’t get any of those “urgent” things done because, “Hey! Look, I’m in a line!”
  2. Whenever someone calls you a perfectionist, overachiever, or workaholic EVERYONE laughs.
    My motto in life is “That’ll do, Little Pig. That’ll do.”

  3. You bite your nails.
    Because finding the nail clippers is time consuming.

  4. You can’t comprehend the wasting of time.
    Time is everywhere! It’s like air! Everyone has enough, and then you die.
  5. You are best described as sloppy.
    Conscientious? What’s that? A smart Type Z will make sure everyone’s expectations are as low as possible so that when they do something well it’s treated like they discovered the cure for cancer.
  6. Your rose colored glasses are almost always on.
    You’re pretty sure everything is going to turn out ok. And if it doesn’t? Well, we’re all gonna die so who cares?
  7. Interrupting takes too much effort.
    And you like hearing other people’s opinions so it’s all good.
  8. You sleep like a baby.
    Everyone I know talks about having to “turn off” their mind while they lay in bed trying to sleep. The ONLY time I’ve had this problem was the night before the first day of school from 5th grade to 10th grade. So I’ve had this problem exactly 6 times my entire life. Almost a week!
  9. The Poky Little Puppy is your spirit animal.
    I was never in a rush for anything. Ever. My mom still twitches when she talks about getting me ready before the school bus got there.
  10. You put more energy into relaxing than pretty much anything else.
    The only time I work harder/faster/better is if I think that I’ll be rewarded with long stretches of no one wanting anything from me.
  11. Relaxation is your middle name.
    You want me to stop doing everything and enjoy a cup of coffee with you? You want me to quit working on that thing and take a nap instead? You want me to binge watch a show and check Facebook? Done.
  12. Mistakes barely make your radar.
    I’ve never been annoyed by a typo or a “your” vs “you’re” mistake. But if you read my blog you already knew that.
  13. You make Done Lists instead of To-Do Lists.
    I make lists of stuff I actually did that day. Yes, they are usually short, but they are also more satisfying. And I can’t handle disappointing myself on the regular with a To-Do List.
  14. At work, most things can wait.
    Seriously, I’m not an ER nurse. Is it break time yet?
  15. You’re immune to stress.
    And the minute you feel stressed you take the rest of the day off because ain’t nobody got time for that.
  16. You are happy to enjoy the fruits of others labor.
    You’re never going to win an Oscar or make the next iPhone, but you’ll enjoy the crap out of all the stuff the Type A-ers are doing.

2 thoughts on “16 Signs You’re A Little (or a lot) Type Z

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    I am type A all the way…well, except for the competitive part. My brother always has to “win”. So I gave up the competitive thing a long time ago. We could quit playing (and replaying and replaying) the same games a lot faster if he wins. Therefore I win too! ha I had to learn the quality of appearing to try to win while really not trying either way. lol It only counts if he beat me while I was “trying” to win the game.

  2. This is hilarious. I read the Type A list. That pretty much describes me. I can think of several people who are Type Z. FUNNY!

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