Because these are the only kinds of posts I do now

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1. The Gen-Y DUI
Y’all. I got a ticket. For texting while driving. I KNOW! I have never been more embarrassed by something in my entire life (this is obviously a lie because I’m putting it on The Internet, but whatever). I’m ashamed AND I thanked the cop that gave me the ticket not because I wanted out of it but because driving requires eyeballs. I also looked him up online because I wanted to set him up with my best friend, but I don’t think he wants to be found.

2. It’s Totally Appropriate to Cry Over Spilled Milk
I spilled milk in my purse Wednesday because I thought I could carry Otis paraphernalia around all willy-nilly. I thought I cleaned up most of it, but there is an odor coming from my bag that tells me that I am wrong. So very wrong. I really liked that purse.

3.  Hearing Evaluation
Otis has his hearing evaluation next week which will be followed by the speech evaluation. Do you know who has started talking significantly more in the last week? It’s still like playing charades with a recovering mime, but he seems like he is literally going through that vocabulary explosion people always talk about and we’re like seriously? One week away from the appointment and now you start to talk?

4. Hygiene Police
In the same vein, every time Otis sees me after I’ve come home or left the room he looks at me and says, “Mom bath?” Then I say, “Otis, you want to take a bath?” and then he says, “No. Mom. Bath.” And I’m pretty sure he’s saying I need to take one.

5. Two and Threw
Otis and I every time we talk about baby #2 with Mark.

(that’s actually exactly what Otis and I look like)
And Mark every time Otis and I talk about baby #2.

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