I think the new thing to do, at least in blogger circles, is to choose a word for the year, and give the upcoming year a theme.

Personally, I like the idea. I like knowing what my priority for the day is because it is essential when you’re trying to figure out who and what to say “yes” to, and (probably more importantly) what to say “no” to. Coming up with a word for the entire year seemed like a good way to keep the ship (my life) on track.

But I also think the word of the year thing is kind of annoying. It feels like an extension of the trend to literally label all of the things in your house.

Labeled Kitchen Mixing Bowl Set
Seriously, America?

Unfortunately, no words were really calling out to me so I decided to just skip the resolution/word of the year game and focus on simply, ya know, living.

Yesterday I asked Mark what he thought about the idea that God wanted us to try Him. He had made promises to His people and He was more than willing to live up to His end of the deal. We just had to try Him.

It made me think about promises God makes. What does He, for lack of a better word, owe me?

The “right” answer is nothing. I owe Him. Done.

But I think God does want us to have faith in Him and in His ways.

This feels like I’m talking about finances, and in some ways I am, but it’s so much more.

He wants us to try Him when it comes to His promise about forgiveness. We want to hold grudges and punish people. He wants us to try His way, and turn the other cheek.

He wants us to try Him when it comes to pride. We want to make sure everyone recognizes how amazing we are. He wants us to be humble and serve.

He wants us to try Him when it comes to peace. We search everywhere for something to take away the worries and the fear. We drink ourselves to death, become workaholics, save every penny we earn. He wants us to cast our troubles on Him and He’ll give us His peace.

He wants me to try Him when it comes to daily bread. I want to have a fully funded 401k and a year of expenses in the bank before I step out. He wants me to remember that He takes care of me much like a He takes care of a bird. They don’t have retirement accounts.

I think my word for this year is Enough.

God is enough.

My husband and baby are enough to constitute a family. Quit worrying about #2.

The house that has kept us delightfully warm on 5 degree mornings is enough. Quit wanting a bigger one.

The clients that want you to step into their lives and help them see their marriage in a new way are enough. Quit looking for the next one.

The family and friends that fill my life (and heart) up are enough. Quit trying to convince everyone to love you.

I’m handing over the fish and loaves to the One that is Enough because I want to try Him and His ways.

2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    Wow. That is powerful Marie.

    PS. Mark sure looks like Jesus in that pic. 😉

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