Dinosaur Train: The True Story

(Dinosaur Train’s Opening Song in the background)

The last little baby had a different size
With teeth and a tail and big green eyes
He didn’t look anything like the rest

What am I doing in a pteranodon nest?

But dear old Mrs. Pteranodon said

Oh, this is your family and I’m your mom.
You may be different, but we’re all creatures.
All dinosaurs have different features.

Me: I mean, she isn’t even going to try and find his real mom?

Mark: Yeah, well, revenge will be had. He’ll grow up and eat them all.

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Train: The True Story

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    I try to change the channel every time I hear “the dinosaur train” theme song come on. I am like nooooooo!!!!! If I am too slow, we have to watch it. ugh

  2. Marie says:

    Right? Mark is especially bothered by the show because he’s all, “When are you ever going to need an extensive knowledge of the different dinosaurs? How is that going to help anyone get a job one day? Be practical, PBS!”

  3. Secret Agent CT says:

    lol! I agree with Mark. ha ha!

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