5 on Friday: On Lingerie & Parenting


Five on Friday is here again! The lovely ladies at The Good LifeCarolina CharmA. Liz Adventures, and Hello Happiness are the hostesses, so let’s get started!

1. I made this trailer for my book, This Bleep is Hard. Yes, that is my lingerie. No, I’ve never worn it for business purposes.

2. Can I tell you a story about that lingerie?

I bought it a few months after Mark and I got married. It was on the sales rack at JC Penney’s or something, and I was like…

It was also a Size Small. I was a Size Medium. Losing weight wasn’t a problem because I was 25 and still had my metabolism. So I was all…

But most of the time I was more like this…

And I basically forgot all about that racy number.

Well fast forward to moving into our current house. 4 years, a baby, and many pounds later, Mark finds that little minx in the back of my closet and he’s all…

And I was like…

But then I was like, “Why not?”

So I go put it on and it was basically…

And yeah, that’s the story about the day the lingerie died.

3. Whenever I want something that Otis has managed to get his hands on I usually offer him something he can have and say, “Trade?” Usually this works.

Well, the other day he was at my parents’ house playing outside with his John Deere tractor. As we got ready to go back in I told the neighbor kids they could play with it. Well, Otis sees them get on and drive off and starts running after them yelling, “Trade! Trade!”

Basically, he understands collateral. #paytoplay

4. My mom and I were discussing the difference between parenting the first child versus parenting the last one. She says, “Well, you try really hard with the first one. Then you realize that your kid just ends up normal and no one is giving out prizes.”

I died.

5. I caught up on all my Parenthood last night and when Julia and Joel told the kids they were separating?

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