Five on Friday: The taste of success

1. I took the day off on Monday because of the “snow”, and ended up making it a mission to clean Otis’s socks. They were disgusting, and always looked dingy so I was like, “This! This is the best way to spend my day!”

So I washed 6 pairs of little kid socks. Just the 6 pairs. 12 articles of clothing total were all by themselves in our washing machine because I wanted to make absolutely positive that they felt the true weight of my Oxiclean force.

And then I dried those six pairs of socks all by themselves with 2 dryer sheet thingies. Because I didn’t just want them white, I wanted them to smell like a kindergarten teacher on the first day of school*.

*Ok, I have no clue if that’s a saying, but I imagine that kindergarten teachers smell delightful before those grubby little 5 year-olds get their hands all over them.

Those socks? They were white. And they smelled divine. And when Mark got home I met him at the door holding all 6 socks, stuffing them in his face to smell, and was all…

2. I wanted to blog about Mission: Sock Whitening and let all of the SAHMs of the world know that I completely understood the sense of accomplishment that comes with homemaking, but I decided not to because I’m pretty sure all my mom friends would think I was being sarcastic and be all…

But I’m not being sarcastic. Those socks are the highlight of my month so far.

3. My birthday is on Sunday. I keep forgetting because Otis’s birthday is 3 weeks later and I’m too busy planning that, and even though it’s basically going to be a picnic with tractor decor we have to remember that I’m the Drink Girl and planning anything bigger than a trip to the mailbox makes me all…

4. I watched About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher this week, and you guys. Dads are soooo important. I mean I know that because I have a great one and am married to an amazing one, but these shows just get me in the heart. They’re comedies and I’m pretty sure they don’t want you to be all weepy during them, I was still all…

5. Y’all know that Mark Cuban is my hero, right? Like, if I was 12 his picture would be plastered all over my walls right next to JTT and Rider Strong.

We’re watching Shark Tank a couple of days ago and it’s a CIA guy talking about teaching people spy skills. I think it sounds miserable, but that’s because I like thinking that I’ll die never having to figure out how to get my hands out from duct tape bondage.

Well, they cut to commercial and I’m like, “Mark Cuban will like this. You can make it like a Disney World where people spend a week pretending to be spies.”

They come back and that’s what Mark Cuban says. THAT’S WHAT MARK CUBAN SAYS.

Mark was all, “You’ve already watched this.”

And I was all…

Because Mark Cuban and I share a brain.

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