Type Z Parenting: A look back



It’s Otis’s birthday week, and I’m pretty excited. And a bit amazed that we’ve been doing this for almost 3 years. More than that, amazed that everyone seems to be relatively happy and healthy.

Obviously this time of the year means that we’re looking at pictures and saying things like, “I can’t believe he was soooo smaaaaaalllll!”

And I really can’t believe it. And I knew that every year the memory of under-10 pounds Otis would get fuzzier as the years went by. So I decided to do what most parents do nowadays and take a monthly picture of my nugget with an object so that I could see how big he was in relation to it. Theory of Relativity, People. Learn it, know it, love it.

Most of you probably picked that object out while you were pregnant because you’re good people. Smart people. You chose good and smart objects, like an inherited stuffed animal or the nursery rocking chair or a desk-sized calendar.

So cute, right?

I wasn’t so… thoughtful. No, I dropped the ball on this one (surprised?) and ended up looking around our basically empty apartment grasping for anything that might have special meaning AND remind me how tiny my 4 week old baby was at the time.

Do you know what I chose? Do you know?

A ketchup bottle.

Picture or it didn’t happen?

Fair enough.



And it made sense to me! We use ketchup regularly so I’d always be familiar with the general size and, more importantly, it was there in our house at the same time that I wanted to take a picture #impatient #planningbedamned.

The best part? There are like 15 more pictures because Mark wanted to make sure that I got the best photo he could of our new baby and A BOTTLE OF KETCHUP.

I can’t even believe I’m talking about this in public.

To be fair, what sentimental conversation doesn’t start with, “I remember when you were the size OF A KETCHUP BOTTLE…”

Thankfully we have good friends that send us handmade stuffed animals that save us from having a baby book filled with babies and condiments.
1 month

2 thoughts on “Type Z Parenting: A look back

  1. Susan says:

    My boss is probably wondering what I’m laughing so hard at. A KETCHUP BOTTLE! LOL

  2. Poff says:

    Ha! I am totally familiar with the theory of relativity and I didn’t have an object! ARGH! And I missed the Newborn picture and one month picture. GEEZ!

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