A mother’s eyes


Y’all know I love Otis, right? Like, LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY. So much.

But I’m still me. And I still think things are funny. I especially think that there is so much hilariousness to the truth that moms only seeing the good in their baby, especially that first baby.

I mean, you just can’t help but think they are perfection, right? And every picture is worthy of an audience because you are high on nursing hormones or something, and you’re like, “Yes. Everyone wants to see this beautiful baby. Bring me my computer. I must log in to Facebook.”

Then this happens.

newborn otis 4newborn otis 2 newborn otis 1
I’m dying laughing because when my mom posted these on Facebook I looked through them thinking, “He is so perfect.”

And he IS so perfect. But these pictures? This baby looks like he’s, well, drinking something other than breast milk.

I saw them a few months ago and I was like, “What on earth were we thinking? Why are these on the internet?”

But when you’re a new mom even if you’re baby looks like he’s been sipping on some sizzurp all you can see is this…


But seriously. How cute is he?
newborn otis 5


One thought on “A mother’s eyes

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Aww! LOVE the last pic of Otis! Such a cutie!!

    When I look at the top 3 pics, I see real life. Real emotion. Baby bliss. The one of the “staged” baby is super cute. However, it also makes me nervous. Like all the effort put into that one pic…I can’t be held to that kind of perfection on the daily. The real life pictures are what I prefer. 🙂 Thanks for posting them.

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