Five on Friday: The Birthday Recap

1. When we got to the park where we had his birthday party a motorcycle drove by, and it was like God giving Otis a sign that today? Today would be a good day.

2. When my mom saw I’d only brought 3 bags of chips…

3. When everyone sang Happy Birthday to Otis he was basically like…

Because Happy Birthday is his jam.

otis tractor cake clapping
Otis while we sang.

(Required reading: If you haven’t seen Kristen Bell lose it over a sloth, you must.)

4. When the dudes ate the 1/4 pound all-beef hotdogs…

5. How I felt when I showed off my Pinterest craft…

What my friends thought when I showed them my Pinterest craft*…

The Pinterest craft…
pinterest craft train

Train wheels taped to aluminum trays. Choo choo!

Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Nugget/Baby Boo/Little Man/Little Buddy!



2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: The Birthday Recap

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