Happy Thanksgiving to You!

It is that time of year again…


I just have to say that all those pics make me a little bit weepy.

Like, this is my life in Thanksgiving pictures, and it just makes me misty because, wow. Goodness do I hate to be cliche or cheesy (as evidenced by the cat in the Mayflower), but I am so #blessed.

That said, this holiday season feels different. I have always been adamant about Thanksgiving getting its time in the sun. No Christmas decorations or music until you’ve had your last bite of Thanksgiving turkey.

But this year I live with a three year old that loves Christmas. We watch Santa videos on YouTube regularly. We have a plastic Santa next to our door that Otis acknowledges every time he runs by (“Hi, Santa!”). We go to Lowe’s on Sunday mornings because they have the best Christmas decor.

And he gets his love for Christmas honestly. Mark loves Christmas. LOVES IT. He loves the music. He loves Opryland Hotel’s displays and could spend all day hanging out. He already has our Netflix queued up for a Christmas movie extravaganza. The entire month of December we watch every Christmas movie (I’m looking at you, ABC Family) on the planet.

Basically, I live with Buddy the Elf Elves.

And here I am. All by myself with my turkey.


But it’s all good because until Otis can outrun me this Thanksgiving goodness will continue to exist:

*I made the turkey hat!
** Fool, of course I didn’t make that hat. That would be a Yadah/MIL creation. #awesome


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