And you will spend eternity in Neverland

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Second, can I tell you a funny story? Of course I can.

Most people treat teaching Sunday School to preschoolers like babysitting because, well, it kind of is. I mean, yes, it’s the first time that these kids are hearing about Jesus and this is foundation building stuff, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging around a preschool Sunday School class it can kind of feel like talking to a bunch of petting zoo animals that will do anything for a handful of goldfish crackers.

My mom takes preschool Sunday School seriously. Seriously. First, this is because she takes Jesus seriously. Second, this is because she is an Asian mom and takes anything with the word ‘school’ in it seriously.

She sincerely expects all of the preschoolers under her care to walk around singing hymns and memorizing scripture and taking it all very seriously because you better not get a B in Sunday School.

And then she got Otis as a grandson.

See, we haven’t exactly had Otis in Sunday School. And by ‘exactly’ I mean we’ve been to church about 5 times since he’s been born. So I think we can safely say he isn’t exactly singing hymns and preaching the gospel.

Needless to say, my mom turns any moment she can into Sunday School for poor, deprived, his-parents-don’t-really-love-him Otis. Which is why this conversation happened:

My Mom: (pointing to a painting of Jesus calming a storm) Otis, which one is Jesus?

A similar painting for dramatization purposes:

jesus calms the storm
Otis: (looking seriously at the painting) Here. Jesus here.

jesus calms the storm


(Not Jesus for those of you that got a C in preschool Sunday School.)

My Mom: (giving me some serious side eye) No, baby. Who is this one? Do you know who this is?

jesus calms the storm

Otis: Captain Hook.

My Mom: 

And that’s the story of how I got grounded at the age of 31 and Otis got sent to Linda’s Bible Boot Camp.

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One thought on “And you will spend eternity in Neverland

  1. adrian says:

    This was just a good study break for me! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

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