Snowpocalypse: What I Wore

Before I drop my fashion bomb on you, have you donated $5 to Jandy yet? Awesome.

I know everyone in Nashville was going crazy with last week’s ice storm, but can I tell you my truth?

I loved it. I loved not being able to go anywhere. I loved the fireplace. I loved hanging with my boys watching House Hunters. I loved tracking the weather updates from Nashville Severe Weather. I LOVED IT.

But the thing that I loved most of all during last week’s Ice In was my outfit. I have never in my life wanted to Instagram my pajamas an outfit as much as I wanted to Instagram this one.

20150224_150617 This outfit is lounge wear heaven.

The pants? I found them on a clearance rack at Kohl’s for, like, $3. If they weren’t almost-see-through thin I would wear these bad boys everywhere.

The tank top? From Old Navy and it’s the ‘tall’ kind so it’s super long which is awesome for my torso. It comes in a pack of 3.

The sweater? Clearance rack at Dress Barn. Which can we talk about Dress Barn for a second? My mom made me go in the one at Opry Mills and I was dragging my feet because even I know you shouldn’t buy your clothes from a place with the word ‘barn‘ in it, but y’all. Y’all! They are awesome and cheap and awesome! I am a Dress Barn Animal now, so if they’d like to talk about sponsored posts moo at your girl.

Y’all, I wore this outfit 3 days in a row. Yes, THREE. I even took a shower and PUT IT BACK ON. And I’m not, nor should I be, ashamed because this outfit is heaven and I’m positive all the angels recognized the heavenliness of this outfit and were like:

The best part of this post?

There’s more snow coming!

Donated $5 to Jandy yet? Go now!

3 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse: What I Wore

  1. NutriFitMama says:

    Haha I am not a fan of being “stuck” at home. Not having the option to leave and do things was so hard for me!! 🙂 I am just glad the ice is melted now! I can deal with snow, but not ice 🙂

  2. adrian says:

    YES! I felt the exact same! I loved being forced to hibernate! How I wish the internet would have gone down so that I didn’t have to mess with school, but either way, staying bundled up indoors with my two loves was the best 🙂

  3. Mandy says:

    You had me at “I even took a shower and put it back on”. Can we be best friends? Great blog!

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