Flicka da Hose

Otis has found a new passion: Flicka, the coming of age story of a girl and her wild horse. Here’s the synopsis:

In modern-day Wyoming, teenager Katy McLaughlin (Alison Lohman) dreams of working on and, one day, taking over her father’s ranch. She tames a mustang and names her Flicka, then finds that she and her new equine companion are more alike than she imagined. After her father (Tim McGraw) sells Flicka, Katy schemes to win back the horse by entering a dangerous race.

Why my 3-year old boy loves this movie is beyond me, but we’ve watched this movie. A lot. And if you’re a Frozen mom that thought you had it bad at least you guys have an adorable snowman and a ‘catchy’ song to keep you hooked. Us? We get to enjoy Tim McGraw’s acting.

I have no clue how he ended up seeing it, but ever since he watched a girl fall in love with a horse from the wrong side of the ranch he has been hooked. He literally stands at the tv begging to watch “Fwicka da horse. Pwease?”

True story: Sometimes this request sounds less like “Flicka the horse. Please?” and more like “Fukka da hose. Pwease?” and do I need to tell you my reaction? Do I? Really? I was like this:

The first rule of Fight Club Marie’s Parenting is “If you can make me laugh you win.” So we turn on Flicka. Every time.

I usually fast forward until the horse shows up because Otis is not what you would call ‘patient,’ and I’m not what you would call ‘in the mood to hear “Flicka! See Flicka! Where Flicka?!?!” for the next 15 minutes of my life.’

Once Flicka makes her debut Otis can settle in for the next 40 minutes for drama and teenage angst. Like the scene where Katy tries to ride Flicka:


But there is no scene that grabs Little Otis’s heart like the one where Tim McGraw sells Flicka to a rodeo guy and Katy goes running after the trailer that has imprisoned her Flicka (:57):

Otis watches this scene with horror and complete sadness because there is no worse evil in his world than separating a horse from his human mama (or a 3-year old from his human mama if you’ve ever seen us at the church nursery drop off).

There is so much unnecessary drama in this movie I’m honestly embarrassed I was ever a teenage girl. I’m also very curious as to why the story of a girl and her horse has captured Otis’s heart so fully. I wonder if he’ll always love a good love story, or if this is just a phase before the typical boy movies take over completely. Until that day comes (if it comes) I will keep cuddling up with my littlest linebacker and cry with him every time Flicka’s trailer drives off in the rain.

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