My Friend Chuck

After 4 birthday parties where no one has died from food poisoning, I feel like I’m kind of a pro now at this whole Plan-Your-Kid’s-Birthday-Party thing. So why not throw out some advice?

Know Your Limits

I don’t cook. I don’t bake. I don’t decorate. I don’t craft. I don’t know why Mark married me.

Actually, I do.


Anyways, I love my child and want him to have a day filled with love and joy, but I also love myself.

That’s right. I said it out loud.

I didn’t try to out Pinterest anyone this year. I took my kid to Chuck E. Cheese (entertainment), bought their pizza (food), and put the generic numeral 4 candle on top of a cake mix cupcake (decor).


And he loved it. #NoStress #MommySuccess

Know Your Child

My kid loves his family, but he doesn’t have tons of friends his age. I know lots of kids in his age bracket, and I could have invited said kids, but I just don’t think Otis needed that this year. He could have easily gotten overwhelmed with lots of ‘strangers’ at his party, and I didn’t want that for him on his day.

He had a wonderful time running from one attraction to another,


Much concentration required.


chasing a mouse,


otis chuckecheese

and riding Flicka.

Giddy up, Flicka!

Giddy up, Flicka!

We made one exception for Landon, Otis’s newest friend and son of my oldest friend, because he’s real cute.

otis and landon

Know Your History

On Otis’s 2nd birthday Mark and I nearly divorced because of Situation Birthday Cake. Not this year. This year I made 24 cupcakes, and as I decorated the very last one Mark called into the kitchen, “DID YOU NOTICE I DIDN’T HELP AT ALL?”

Yes, I did, Sweet Husband. You will be properly rewarded.

Needless to say, the party was perfection and left me feeling like:






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