Motherhood the Musical Coming to TPAC!

I have never gotten into fantasy worlds like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. I’m more into real life stuff. Like the Kardashians or the Real Housewives of Davidson County.

Seriously, I love shows or movies that explore the entertainment value of everyday life. Which is why I’m super interested in Motherhood the Musical which will be TPAC from May 6th to the 17th.

It’s a musical created by one of Nashville’s own, Sue Fabisch, and it covers the entire parenting journey, from pregnancy to waiting to become a grandparent (I, personally, can’t wait for that stage). I haven’t heard the songs yet, but the titles like “The Kids are Finally Asleep” let me know that Sue gets motherhood, and since this show has been around since 2008 and won numerous awards it’s also sure to be more than entertaining for ANY parent.

The best part? Sue wants to give you, The Poor Mom reader, a chance to win a pair of tickets for opening night!

I know you’re geeking out right now, but calm yourself. You have to play a little game in order to enter. In the comments, tell me what has surprised you most about becoming a parent. Is it how hard it is? How easy it is? How your body changed? How stressful decision making is? How insane nursing is? How insane disciplining an adorable baby that doesn’t know better is? All comment makers will be entered in a drawing for 1 pair of tickets. Yes, you’re allowed to invite me as your date if you win 🙂

(Must leave your comment by noon on April 9th, 2015.)

So what surprised you most? And don’t forget to check out more info about Motherhood the Musical here.

9 thoughts on “Motherhood the Musical Coming to TPAC!

  1. Susan P says:

    Hands down I’ve been surprised by how hard it is! … the incomprehensible amount of time it takes to get a tiny person ready to go somewhere, the endless laundry, the sleep regression at 9 months (where did this come from??), etc. I was also surprised by how I actually could function on so little sleep! Being a parent makes you want to smack your pre-baby self for ever complaining about not having enough time or being too busy.

  2. Laura P says:

    I have been surprised by two things: 1) How much i really really don’t care what I look like. I thought I didn’t before, but now I will go to the store in my pajamas with no bra. I will go to work without brushing my hair. I will wear a shirt that has a breastmilk stain right on my nipple. Yep. Don’t care. 2) How much you can simultaneously be so angry and so in love. I could seriously chuck this screaming thing across the room, but then hug it and kiss it all over.*

    *I would never throw a baby across a room, especially not my own… but seriously have you heard my baby scream?

  3. Cortnie sanders says:

    What has surpised me most is the fact that there are really no rules to parenting. Even if you still feel like a kid yourself, who needs rules, you are now incontrol of another human! You get to make all the rules! It’s kind of awesome as well as very scary all at the same time. 😊

  4. Kassi Wooton says:

    I was really surprised at how hard it is to lose the weight you put on. My boobs are twice the size as they once were and they do not go away! I lose weight and they stay there. I did not nurse my first, but did my second in hopes of losing the boob weight, did not happen! If you need some I have some to donate😀

  5. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I am constantly surprised by the differences in my two children. I know everyone tells you that every child is different but given that my two have the same parents, I’m shocked by how they are so different. One of my kids is very advanced, while the other is more interested in being a jokester. I also never expected to be so in awe of how much they could make my heart melt when they are loving toward one another or simply hold hands with each other. I seriously could watch them happily play together for hours. (Too bad it never lasts that long! ha!)

    I do stress about my choices for them as a parent. For instance, if they are not involved in at least 3 “activities” are they going to hate me or not be as well rounded as their peers? Should I really go with the recommended shots, should I be a working mother, or should I work on teaching them a second language? I always seem to worry about my choices as a parent and the effects that they have on them. I never factored this into being a parent beforehand.

    Another surprising thing about being a parent, is the constant worry about whether or not they are okay. Did they eat or sleep enough? Should I take them to the doctor about this or that? How should I discipline for this action, etc? Things that pre-baby me thought were no brainers are now things that I lie awake at night pondering.

    Overall, pre-baby me never dreamed about half of the things that “parent” me would think about! Being a parent, really is the hardest job! I wish more people would build up parents and acknowledge that we are all doing the best that we can and hope that is best for our children. I feel like so many people are quick to judge others.

    Yea for play that focuses on Motherhood! 🙂

  6. Summer says:

    Probably what surprise me most was how crazy much I’d love them…. and how incredibly amazing our mothering instincts are as we figure out what to do!!… and how horrendous it is to be without SLEEP.

  7. Marie says:

    Thank you guys so much for playing! I used a Random Number generator and Susan P is the winner of the pair of tickets. Looks like someone has a date night in her future 🙂

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