Five on Friday: An Oops Baby or An Oops Dog?

Five on Friday is baaacck!!!

Ok, not really. But I have thoughts that are too big for a Facebook Status and too short for a blog post so here we are.

I have been thinking about my weight a lot lately. Like, it’s a bigger number than I’d like, but I’m not (surprisingly) grossed out by my body. So I’m super fixated on this number for the last couple of weeks when it dawns on me, “Your weight is like your zip code. It says something about you, but it doesn’t say everything about you.” And I wanted to share that because there are lots of emotional numbers in our lives (how much money we make, how much debt we have, how many times you lost your kid in the grocery store), and maybe we shouldn’t let those numbers have too much power.

I downloaded the Kim Kardashian game. And I’m a little obsessed.

This game? This game is so fun. And when I die and you’re at my funeral and you’re like, “Why didn’t she do more with her life?” I want you to find peace in knowing that I am happy enough to be a D-List celebrity in Kim K Hollywood, and that anything more than that was icing on the kake.

Otis met a puppy yesterday. The puppy belongs to my mom’s neighbors, and the puppy’s name is Memo.

Otis: Take Memo home?
Me: Um. No.
Otis: Take Memo home.
Me: Memo already has a family. No.

Like any good parent that was in the process of getting their kid that doesn’t want to leave to get in the car, I started lying.

Me: Fine. We’ll talk about it. Get in the car and we’ll go home and talk to Daddy.

Otis gets in the car without too much kicking or screaming so I’m feeling like this is a solid victory.

We drive home, and I forgot about Memo. Well, I forgot about Memo until we pull into the driveway and see Mark standing there. Otis starts trying to unbuckle himself and yells, “Talk to Daddy! Memo come home!”

Otis had clearly not forgotten. I get out of the car and give Mark a quick recap:

Me: We have a problem. Your son met a dog that he wants to take home-

Mark interrupts me.

Mark: Marie, there better not be a dog in that car.

My husband seriously believed that I would bring a DOG home just because my 4 year old asked for one on a whim. Please. If I’m playing the “ask for forgiveness instead of permission” card I’m getting myself an Oops Baby.

Otis runs straight to Mark and begs for Memo to come home. And Mark said no, but I could tell that if Otis’s vocabulary was a little bigger and he was able to make a stronger case, he might have actually gotten a dog out of the deal. I made a mental note to start coaching Otis on asking for a sibling.

Fact: Easter candy is a million times harder to resist than Halloween candy.

Apparently today is National Sibling Day, and I guess I just want to tell Melissa and Bobby, from the bottom of my generous and loving heart:

Also, am I the only one that might miss Christmas if people didn’t say anything on Facebook?

Have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

One thought on “Five on Friday: An Oops Baby or An Oops Dog?

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    It took me until “Cuarto” to realize that you were numbering in Spanish. lol I was like what is this word? Then I found cinco and realized that you meant quarto…and the first three numbers were in Spanish as well. lol I thought that it was funny that it took me so long to catch on. ha!!

    Not to encourage bad behavior, but you are stunning Marie! I think you look great!! Numbers lie. 😉

    I also love Cinco’s meme. You are awesome! ha

    My kids will remind you of Christmas! My youngest is already asking when is Santa coming. Like daily.

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