Things I Highly Recommend

This is a random post of things I will root for until the day I die.

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

This is a show on Netflix that Otis watches. First of all, boys can watch whatever the heck they want to watch. I still think it’s amazing that people are all about girls playing with ‘boy toys,’ but that there is still something weird about boys playing with ‘girl toys.’ Humanism, people. Learn it. Love it.

Second, Barbie has an undeserved bad reputation. Barbies, and all dolls, are a fun way for children to practice relationship skills, practice storytelling, and dream big dreams of being a model/astronaut.

Third, this show is done so well I thought it was a joke at first, like someone doing a parody of Barbie, not the actual Barbie people. But I was wrong. This is official Barbie content.

Barbie is the perfect balance of humble and confident, and you can’t help but love her. Chelsea, the youngest sister and future world leader, owns my heart. And Ken is everything any girl would want in a husband. They do a great job of telling an interesting story, making fun of the Barbie brand, and making me laugh.

My neighbors

Two different neighbors have cut our grass for us this month just because.

This might be a normal thing, but I’m used to neighbors just ignoring you or yelling at you for parking in “their grass.” Anyways, we’ve come home to cut grass twice, and, well, I just love our neighbors.

Jane the Virgin

This show is my jam. And bread. And peanut butter. This show is my pb&j.

If I wrote a television show this is the one I would want to write. It has an opinion, but it doesn’t have an agenda. It’s super smart. And it makes fun of itself (I’m starting to realize that I love it when a person/show/entity can make fun of itself).

Also, Rafael/Justin Baldoni is perfection:

The next time you’re like, “What should I binge watch on this perfectly gorgeous day?” you should hear me screaming, “JANE THE VIRGIN! JANE THE VIRGIN!”


The other night I woke up with a horrible toothache. Like, I seriously considered finding pliers and just getting rid of the problem on my own. I laid in bed and started praying hard. I firmly believe that that time that I was attacked by a dog the Holy Spirit told me what to do (let the dog bite me before I ran away) and protected me from literally losing my entire leg. So I thought I’d ask about how to make my toothache go away without pliers.

And so I heard the Holy Spirit say rinse with salt and water.

But my faith is small. VERY SMALL.

So I googled to see whether salt and water was a thing. And it is a thing! It said that it’s a good way to survive a toothache until you can get to a dentist.

If the Holy Spirit AND Google were suggesting it I figured why not.

Except here’s where the road diverged. I went to bed and it was still hurting so I kept praying. Specifically, I prayed for that tooth to just be healed for all of it to go away. And then I focused on my toes so that I could fall asleep.

And then I woke up.

And my tooth didn’t hurt anymore.

At all.

I am not kidding when I tell you that this is what I was doing when I woke up:

And then I was like this the rest of the day week:

Prayer. It works.

Speaking of prayer, the Nason family is really close their goal and getting their world ready for THREE NEW BABIES. If you have an extra $33 it would be awesome if you threw it their way because they need all the help and prayers and Jesus they can get.


2 thoughts on “Things I Highly Recommend

  1. joy says:

    I love everything about this post! We are obsessed with Barbie and I tell all my friends about it and they look at me like I am crazy. Just watch it, I tell them. Then they will understand. And Jane the Virgin- so so good!

  2. […] The whole time I was thinking that if Barb ever got a sitcom I’d tune in every week (the way I do for Barbie and Jane the Virgin). When I got home I read the program to find out what else Barb is […]

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