Sisterhood of the Motherhood


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We did a small giveaway a few weeks ago for tickets to Motherhood the Musical. Remember?

My college roommate/Phi Mu sister, Susan, won the tickets and took me up on my suggestion to take me as her date which was awesome because a) we hadn’t seen her since I was pregnant and b) I love mooching off of other people’s good luck.

We live approximately 20 minutes away from each other and haven’t seen each other in 4 years. That’s unacceptable, and we plan on changing that. Right, Susan? Right. Because of this travesty in relationship maintenance we decided to get dinner beforehand so we could catch up. At Demo’s we talked about all of the ways motherhood changed everything. The sleeplessness. The love. The uncertainty. The time it takes to go anywhere. The breastfeeding. THE SLEEPLESSNESS.

It was funny because the last time we hung out in any substantial way was in college where we watched each other break up with guys, date the guys that would become our husbands, flirt with our neighbors Dan the Man and Hot Scott, whine about having to go to Sunday night sorority meetings, stay locked away in the library getting ready for finals (that was more Susan than me because she was on her way to becoming a pharmacist while I was happily coasting to a BS in Psychology), and generally enjoying the bliss known as college life. And now we were sitting in downtown Nashville talking about how much milk we were able to produce as if no time had gone by at all.

Time is weird.

After dinner we headed to TPAC to watch Motherhood the Musical in one of the smaller, more intimate theaters. See, here’s the audience from opening night:

motherhood the musical

I honestly had no clue what to expect. It is so easy to get bored with ‘motherhood’ topics, or to feel like people swing too much in one direction or the other (too sappy/positive/’Isn’t motherhood beautiful?” or too negative/jaded/”Motherhood sucks”). But Sue Fabisch, the creator, has found the line and walked it beautifully.

Motherhood the Musical is about the baby shower the neighborhood girls throw for first-time mom, Amy. Amy has her idea about motherhood and her three friends gently (and hilariously) give her a sneak peek to the reality of motherhood. Each neighbor is a different ‘type’ of mom (Barb the Just-a-Stay-at-Home Mom, Brooke the Working Mom, and Tasha the Single Mom) that offers a unique insight into motherhood.

The song ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy’ had me in stitches because OMG SO TRUE PLEASE TALK TO YOUR DAD.

The song ‘I Leak’ was just perfect. So perfect.

And there were so many funny songs, but the ones that were emotional? That had me doing my very best to cry out of one eye so that Susan wouldn’t see? Oh, those songs are my spirit animal. Like ‘Danny’s Mom’ and ‘Now I Know’ and ‘When the Kids are Grown.’ I was a mess, y’all. Like, I wanted to call my mom immediately and tell her thank you and then go find a tupper ware container that can keep Otis exactly where he is right now.

motherhood the musical cast

My favorite actress by far was Barb, especially when she came out in a shirt that said “World’s Okay-est Mom.” I fell in love with her comedic timing, her voice, her character. The whole time I was thinking that if Barb ever got a sitcom I’d tune in every week (the way I do for Barbie and Jane the Virgin). When I got home I read the program to find out what else Barb is in and I found out that it was Sue! Barb was played by Sue Fabisch, the creator of the whole thing. And my girl crush grew and grew.

Motherhood the Musical is going to be at TPAC until May 17th, and if you can please get a group of your mom friends or your female relatives together to see this. Then go to dinner and talk about how spot on the whole thing was. It’s hilarious, honest, and will make you so thankful you are a part of the sisterhood of motherhood.

(I didn’t get anything for this review other than the good feelings that come with watching fellow moms kick butt and take names.)

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