For That Old Lady at the Grocery Store

“You’re going to miss this one day. Cherish this time. It goes by so quickly.”

There are a billion posts from a billion mommy bloggers rolling two billion eyeballs at the sweet old lady sharing this thought while your kid has a tantrum because you won’t let him play in the oven. Obviously, us Millenials have all of this figured out, and I am sure it will be completely fine if I hate my life every once in a while because I just found a turd in a toy dump truck (pun fully intended) (that was a pun, right?) (suddenly not completely sure I know what a pun is).

So we roll our eyes at comments like this and complain about how #OMGHard this whole parenting gig is and how these Has Been Moms just don’t get it and it’s my party so I’ll hide in the bathroom if I want to.

But have we ever considered that her sweet reminder has nothing to do with us, and has everything to do with her? What if seeing us in the middle of it reminds her of things she never knew she’d miss either?

What if she misses having a sidekick to run errands with her during the day?

What if she misses being the person that knows exactly what that cry means?

What if she misses being the person that makes it all better?

What if she misses little arms that give (surprisingly) strong hugs?

What if she misses hearing, “Mom. Mom. Mommy. Moooom. MOM! MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!” all day long?

What if she misses being needed to tie shoes and find lost blankets?

What if she misses the tantrums? Just kidding. No one misses those. Ever.

What if she misses checking for toy tractors and lawnmowers before leaving for work in the moving?

What if she misses hearing that sweet tiny voice saying “I love you” at night?

What if she knows, the way older, wiser people do, that we’re going to miss it one day, too?

Yeah. You’re right. Old people don’t know anything. Just excuse me for a second…


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