Farmbox Direct: More Veggies, Please!

Farmbox Direct

A couple of weeks ago Farmbox Direct emailed me to see if I would be interested in hosting a giveaway to my (mostly) Nashville readers because they were about to launch free shipping in our area. Farmbox Direct delivers a box of local natural and organic produce to your doorstep. Ashley Tyrner is the founder of the company and a single mom that knows how time consuming it can be to make sure your family is eating the best fruits and veggies available.

True story: I wondered if they had actually read my blog because we eat lots of McDonald’s (examples: here, here, and here) and I didn’t know if I was actually a great choice for branding because french fries.

But a lot of what attracts me to fast food is the convenience so I thought maybe Farmbox Direct would be a mashup of convenience and health that might actually work for me. So I ordered a $40 Medium Box of Natural Fruits and Vegetables (See what’s in the All Natural Medium Box this week!)

They give you a list of what to expect in the box and you can make edits and swap out items you don’t like for ones you do. I ended up taking the radishes off of my list because what are they and chose more of something else (kiwis, I think). Read more about how the whole thing works here.

Last Thursday this showed up on our doorstep:

Displaying 20150702_172558.jpg

This is probably the amount of vegetables most people eat in a day, but for us this lasted us perfectly over the week. Otis loved all of the fruit, and Mark was sure the lettuce would be limp and lifeless but the salad we made was crisp and delicious. I used this recipe to make Smashed Red Potatoes. I have no clue how I’m going to use celery. They probably won’t make it to the next box.

Yes, I said ‘next box.’

I am a working mom that isn’t great at getting herself to a grocery store. It was really nice to take most of the decision making out of the equation and have a box magically appear filled with things that you aren’t embarrassed to feed your family.

And, unlike the CSA, I get to say, “Yeah, we aren’t eating brussel sprouts. You can keep those.” Because as much as I would love for us to become leafy green aficionados I also want to actually eat things that I buy because money, unlike apples, does not grow on trees. (Apples do grow on trees, right?)

Farmbox Direct is also a no commitment kind of thing. Technically, my next box is shipping next week, but if I realize our schedule is full and we won’t be home much I can cancel it or turn it into an all fruit box instead of a fruits and veggies box. For someone that enjoys the freedom of changing her mind, this is very nice.

Fun bonus: The packaging included 3 bags of water that are perfect for using in our cooler for camping trips. I kind of geeked out over them #noshame

Like I said, they are now SHIPPING FOR FREE in Nashville. And that’s kind of awesome. Like I also said, they are giving away one box of fruits and veggies to one of you so that you can get hooked try their lovely service out.

How to Enter to Win a Box of Fruits & Veggies from Farmbox Direct:
1) First, go like Farmbox Direct on Facebook and/or follow them on Instagram. (If you win they’d love for you to share a pic of your goodies and tag them in it!)

2) Second, let me know in the comments on this post how you get your veggies (do you garden? farmer’s markets? CSA? regular grocery store?). Extra imaginary points if you leave a link for a celery recipe I might like.

3) Third, do all of this before noon central time on July 10th. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, July 13th!

7 thoughts on “Farmbox Direct: More Veggies, Please!

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    This sounds like a neat concept! I’m curious to try it out. I typically buy fruits and veggies at the grocery or Sam’s. Me garden? lol I have a random pumpkin growing in my backyard but that’s all luck. I’m not 100% sure what’s going on there but am excited about it! I also am growing some tomatoes in pots this year for the first time. No tomatoes yet…so not sure if I missed the boat on that one or not. I typically kill all plants…so my plan is to let them be as much as possible. 🙂

    For your celery…you can chop it up and make chicken noodle soup, use it in a roast with some of those red potatoes (yum!), or put peanut butter in the middle for a snack. I can text you a recipe, if you really want it.

  2. BettyBecca says:

    I get veggies/fruit at the regular grocery store and farmers’ market – make ants on a log with the celery! Otis will love it!

  3. dee stegle says:

    I love to garden!! Second yr now in a row at a place that I can’t has me feeling blue.
    I get fruits & veggies at all venues. Fresher is better, so I try to do local.

    Use celery as a scoop for guacamole or salsa, like a chip.
    Love it with cheese spread or peanut butter on it.

  4. Leigh Hansford says:

    Kinda feeling like you’re a celebrity what with your invitation to “give away” and all!! There is actually a CSA that delivers to my work site. I participated in it the first year, but haven’t signed up in subsequent years; the variety isn’t so grand and participants aren’t able to vary their boxes unless they sway with a fellow participant. So, back to the grocery store I went. I should like to try this option very much!

  5. Lorinda Hale says:

    I would really be interested to see the produce received .. I currently get most of my stuff at Publix and some really fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and berries at my local Farmers Market.

  6. Mandy P says:

    I get my veggies from the grocery store, mostly. Sometimes, my mother in law will give us veggies from her garden if they have too many during the summer. I also have a pumpkin growing in my yard that I can’t believe I have been able to keep alive! I’m like a proud mama, watching it grow!

    As for a celery recipie: Chop it up and put it in a chicken salad. yum

  7. Jackie C says:

    The Farmbox sounds amazing. I’m actually part of a CSA now, but I have to drive across town to pick it up each weekend. It is flexible like the Farmbox Direct which I love because some weeks I just know we won’t use it! I’m also growing some herbs, tomatoes, and jalapenos in containers on my patio which is about all I have the energy for. I don’t think I could keep up with a whole garden! I’m having a little girl in October so I’m trying to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and it would be even easier if they would ship it right to my door!

    I have a hard time using all of my celery before it goes bad so I often go ahead and chop it up and freeze it so I’ll have it to use in soups during the winter time.


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