Pollo Tropical Opening in Nashville

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Pollo Tropical is in the process of opening new stores in the Nashville area and they asked me to come by this week to learn more about what they are all about.

But all I really heard was ‘Free Food,’ so I was basically like:

I had never been to Pollo Tropical. True story, every time I talked about them this week I called them Pollo Chicken which translates to Chicken Chicken (or Pollo Pollo for the Spanish speakers in the audience). Not exactly brand ambassador material.

Well, after trying them out on Wednesday I am definitely adding them to the list of Places Marie Will Go To When She Doesn’t Want To Cook for the following reasons:

  1. They have white rice and chicken.
    Otis loves him some white rice and chicken. Not fried rice. Not brown rice. Not pepper steak. Not stir fry. White rice and chicken. Y’all don’t know how wonderful it will be for me to take Otis to a restaurant and not just put french fries in front of him and hope he can hang until we get home. Seriously, I was like this on the inside during the free tasting:
  2. It was reasonably priced.
    For my sample meal I went with a meat sampler of sorts. I got a quarter chicken, ribs, pulled pork and two sides for right at $10. It was a lot of food. Like, totally enough meat for another meal. Unfortunately, the sides are so good that they will probably never be found in a to-go box.
  3. The ribs.
    I love ribs. I once went on a date with a kind of big guy and he got a chicken salad and I got ribs and the waitress got us mixed up and tried to give me the wimpy chicken salad and I was all:

    Well, Pollo Tropical’s guava barbecue sauce is perfection and they are officially my favorite ribs.
  4. The fried plantains.

    Do I need to say anything else? I don’t think so.
  5. I get to pretend I’m on vacation.
    I love it when I feel happy in a place, and like I’m on a vacation. The restaurants are fun and beachy. I could already tell I’m going to love going there during the winter when everything is making me feel:

Their newest Nashville location at 6704 Charlotte Pike is opening on Friday, the 24th, and you should totally go check them out if you haven’t yet. At the Grand Opening they will have:

·         A chance to win Free Chicken for a Year

·         First 100 guests will receive a coupon for a free Create Your Own Family Meal

·         Hoop shot charity challenge with the local police department and Safe Haven Family Shelter

Have you been to Pollo Tropical? Where do you go when you don’t feel like cooking?

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*This isn’t really sponsored, but I did get free food. But I’ll totally be going back (on my own credit card) so I’m not really sure who won in this deal.

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