Meet me at the NEIGHBORHOOD barre

When I was a little girl all of the ‘cool girls’ were in dance at places like Ms. Donna’s Dance Studio or Ms. Becky’s Dance Studio. I’d see the girls at school wearing their dance studio jackets looking like this:

And I was just like this:

Because I didn’t have a cool jacket or ‘dance on Tuesday night’ or cute dance recital pictures.

But that’s all about to change because Nashville’s newest Barre Studio, NEIGHBORHOOD barre, just opened in Brentwood and I’ve been invited to check them out! (There’s also a fun surprise for YOU at the end of the post)

neighborhood barre

Kelly Phillips is the owner of Nashville’s NEIGHBORHOOD barre and she was sweet enough to answer a few questions I had about barre and motherhood:

kelly-neighborhood barre nashville

Barre is becoming a pretty popular form of exercise. What makes Neighborhood Barre different?

It was so surprising to me how drastically barre methods could differ by studio. I definitely had the mentality of if you’ve tried one class you’ve tried them all, but each studio has developed their own unique core method with different exercises, class formats and even studio atmosphere.

Neighborhood Barre’s exercise program is based off the Lotte Berk method, a Russian ballerina whom many believe to have created the original ‘barre’ method of exercise. Similar to pilates and yoga, the Lotte Berk method concentrates on targeting ‘tough to tone’ areas for women for strength and flexibility training. How Neighorhood Barre interprets that is we focus on small, isometric movements that work target muscle groups to fatigue and then we stretch them out to sculpt lean muscle tone. We provide an interval cardio effect that is hard to find in other barre studios through shorter transition times between our exercises as well as extending how long we hold our ‘sprints’ and moves within each exercise, increasing your heart rate and allowing you to really embrace the shake at NB!

Edited to add: Here is more info about Yoga & Pilates!

One of the biggest things we pride our studio’s reputation on is our friendly, motivating and supportive staff. Our studio is a judgment-free zone and we embrace women with all body types and fitness levels. Each instructor provides thorough instruction and one-on-one modifications to each client throughout class to make sure you get the most of every time at the barre.

Lastly, we change our exercises in class daily, in fact you may never take the same class twice!, so you never tire of the same old ‘routine’.

I love that you guys offer childcare, which makes it more likely a mom will take some time for herself. How do you make sure to take care of yourself so that you can be a better mom?

We wanted to offer childcare to give the opportunity for mom’s to incorporate fitness into their routine. It was also important to us to provide complimentary childcare at our studio – you’re already paying a premium for our premium exercise program and we certainly don’t want to deter moms to visit by nickel-and-diming you every class visit!

You have to take care of yourself to take care of others and as moms we tend to put ourselves last in line. As a mom to a nearly 2 year-old daughter, barre became a big part of my mental and physical well-being, pre-and-post baby! We want our mamas to be able to take an hour to focus exclusively on themselves and hit the reset button. These classes have me feeling stronger, healthier, more energized and more mentally centered than ever before. I find I’m a better mom and wife when I’m in a better mental and physical state. And I’ve truly developed so many new friendships at the barre, in particular through the mommy network here. It’s nice to be surrounded by like-minded women you can relate to!

Most of my readers aren’t rolling in dough. What kinds of specials do y’all have that a ‘poor mom’ in Nashville should know about?

Barre and other boutique studios are just that, a premium service at typically a premium rate. That being said it was a tough pill for me to swallow at first going from working out in my bonus room to joining a barre studio! But the results are what kept me coming back, and honestly investing that much money in classes absolutely held me accountable to get my butt in gear and get to class! It really does become an addiction when you start seeing the results!

We have many different offers and discounts to accommodate just about every woman. As long as you’re coming to class about 8 times per month on average, unlimited class packages are typically the most economical option. All new clients may take advantage of our one-time specials of one month unlimited classes for $100 as well as our 3 class pass for $30, if you’d like to try a couple classes first before you commit to a month unlimited. For our mamas we have a baby-on-board package (expecting mamas, barre is great for you because it is low-impact and we provide additional pregnancy modifications for safety and comfort), and a new mommy package (for moms with babies 18 months and under) of $125/month for unlimited classes for 3 months.

We have plenty of other special rates to accommodate most women (such as teachers, nurses, students, young professionals, and seniors packages) and also offer price incentives based upon the time commitment of your package, meaning the longer you commit to a class package, the lower the class rate! Lastly we’re always looking for women who want to earn barre benefits, including discounts and even free barre classes, by volunteering in our child care area and even helping out at the front desk, just ask us for details!


I have always wanted to be a ballerina. Will barre make me look like a ballerina?

You are definitely on your tippy toes at times in class, but there are no twirls or tu-tu’s here (unless you want to rock one, go for it girl!)! The ballet barre used in class is essentially like another piece of equipment we incorporate for balance, support, and core strengthening. Barre exercise will help you achieve that toned, svelte, ‘dancer’s physique’ since you build exceptional muscle tone without the bulk. And it will undoubtedly make you feel stronger, more flexible, energized and perhaps more graceful!

Anything else you think we should know about Neighborhood Barre?

No lie, that first class can be in-tense! Prepare to work muscle groups you may not have known you even had, and it’s completely normal to take breaks in class. We do encourage clients to take three classes with us before you decide if our fitness program is for you. This gives you a couple of classes to try out several different exercises and instructors, as well as gives your body the opportunity to acclimate to the method and technique. Because of that we want to offer all Poor Mom readers one week of unlimited classes complimentary! Just mention this blog post to redeem in-studio, over the phone (615-454-3785) or shoot us an email (, and we’ll get you set up! We offer over 30 classes per week with class times ranging fro 5:30 am to 6:45 pm and free child care during select class times (reservations online at or by calling the studio are required as space is limited!)

Questions about the studio or our classes we may not have answered here? Visit our FAQ page here: And make sure to follow us on social media to be in the know of all current specials and exclusive giveaways!
Instagram @NeighborhoodBarreNash
Facebook @NeighborhoodBarreNashville
Twitter @NBbarre_Nash

Still unsure what the tuck we’re talking about? We offer ‘Breaking Down the Barre’ classes for new and current clients every 4 – 6 weeks (the next class will be Saturday, August 29th at 11 am!) that focuses on breaking down the technique and deepening your understanding of the exercise. Follow us on social media to learn more!

Did y’all see that? One week of unlimited classes BECAUSE you read The Poor Mom!

As a thank you to Kelly and NEIGHBORHOOD barre for their generosity I’d love it if you guys went and followed them on Instagram and tagged a friend (or 5) on this post because I think it’s funny.

What are your leggings telling you? #tuesdaytruths #tuckingtruths #sassypants #ourhipsdontlie #keepithighandtight #barrestrong #meetmeatthebarre #nbnash

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I will be going to my first barre class tomorrow morning, and I’ll be doing an Instagram log of the adventure and using #PoorMomWalksUpToABarre so be sure to follow me there, too.

Question: Were you a dance kid? Did you have one of those cool jackets? How cool did you think you were because of it? The outsiders need to know.

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