I’m a Happy (Meal) Mom

It isn’t a secret that I love McDonald’s.

real fan

So when they FINALLY acknowledged our relationship it was basically like this:

Because here’s the thing, I’m a working mom. And my husband stays home, but that doesn’t mean he wants to cook dinner every night. So we go to McDonald’s because it’s easy, affordable, and goshdarnit we like it.

They are also one of the only restaurants on our side of town that still has a playground so you can enjoy your french fries dipped in hot fudge goodness in peace.

Sometimes I feel angsty about taking Otis to McDonald’s because that’s not what ‘good moms’ do. But you know what? A good mom takes breaks and knows that sometimes being a happy mom is also important for the entire family’s well-being.

Here’s the part I love. McDonald’s knows that the best way to show someone you love them is by loving their kids. So they are making changes to help moms be happy AND good all at the same time.

Happy Meals are not what they used to be. Honestly, if you’ve ever seen a serving of Happy Meal french fries it’s like 10 fries which means your kid gets just enough to smile but not so much that he doesn’t have room for the other menu options that include Gogurt tubes, apple slices, and Cuties mandarins (which are coming back!).

There’s also a change when it comes to the Happy Meal toy this month. Personally, I love that Happy Meals give out fun toys that my kid actually likes because they are based on characters he knows and loves (Otis’s love and appreciation for Mario Brothers was inspired by a Happy Meal). But they are tweaking their game and Happy Meals will be giving out adorable Valentine’s books until February 15th. These books include classic characters like Paddington and are sure to be a hit with the little people.

McDonald’s gave me a couple of free Happy Meal coupons, and I thought why not turn this into a thing? Because I like things 🙂

Otis and I are going to be at the McDonald’s at 5744 Nolensville Road (the one in the Lowe’s parking lot) at 6pm on Thursday, February 11th. We’ll be celebrating with a toast of french fries and apple slices. If you want to join us for this Happy Meal, Happy Mom playdate come out! First person I see gets one of my Happy Meal coupons because #generosity

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