Give It Back

Santa is my favorite.I loved Santa as a kid, and I probably love Santa even more now as a parent. The twinkle in Otis’s eyes when we talk about what toys the elves are making or practice what he’ll say when we visit him at the mall is basically my heroin.

That said, I’m also pretty dedicated to the reason why we as the Church celebrate this Season.

I believe God sent His son down in the form of  a little baby to a virgin named Mary and her fiancee, Joseph. And for a long time that’s about all I celebrated. I mean, it’s a pretty amazing miracle. God of the universe steps down from his heavenly throne to take on the form of the weakest human on earth via a woman who hasn’t done it, yet. It’s an awe-inspiring miracle for sure.

But there are so many awe-inspiring miracles in the Bible. There’s seas that part and set slaves free. There are donkeys that talk. There are women who should be in retirement homes giving birth to entire nations. There is walking on water and turning water into wine and making a little boy’s lunch into a feast for thousands (with leftovers!).

Why does this miracle deserve a celebration? Why does this miracle matter so much?

A few months ago I was driving to work thinking about all the blessings in my life, thinking about how God has redeemed so many things. I thought about how I can look at the story of my little family starting with the end of another family. How it’s possible that this beautiful marriage I have is a result of Mark holding up the ashes of his first marriage and begging and believing God could make something good out of it. And He did.

“That’s because Satan doesn’t get to keep what he steals,” I heard the Holy Spirit whisper as I praised God for my family.

A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But I came to give life—life that is full and good. John 10:10

Satan doesn’t get to keep what he steals. It has been my prayer in so many areas. Areas that I believed with my entire human heart were dead I started holding up the ashes and begging God to redeem them, begging Him to come back and with His power get back what Satan has stolen.

And it worked. He worked. He is working and rescuing and redeeming and I’m feeling a little like someone standing in front of a parted sea or talking to a donkey or eating the leftovers of a little boy’s lunch.


So this season. God coming to earth in the form of a little baby via a teenager who hasn’t had sex. It’s a miracle, yes. But it’s really THE miracle.

It’s the miracle that starts His final rescue plan. Satan stole us in the Garden. He convinced us that maybe we didn’t need a God that loved us, that we’d be fine on our own. And by doing that Satan stole our identity as children of God. He stole peace and love and generosity and hope. He stole our connection to an all-powerful God that created us in His image, that delights in us.

And that little baby in the manger is THE miracle of God saying, “I want them back.”

Because Satan doesn’t get to keep what he steals.

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