Running and Dancing

We are four terribly short weeks away from your first birthday. We went all the way around the sun, Sweet Girl!

Our favorite thing is watching you steal from your brother. You steal his phone, his drinks, his fire stick. You are like a raccoon. You get your little paws on it and then you take off as fast your little legs will go to find a place to hide your treasures. Even your brother thinks it’s hilarious which is impressive considering he’s the one getting robbed.

Your giggles are gold. Rare and precious and bring so much joy to the world. You play hide and seek like a pro. You regularly climb on to the Big Kahuna’s fire station and dance. The dancing, my Sweet Girl! Oh I love it so much. Your doctor asked if you were dancing at your 9 month appointment and I realized that no, you hadn’t danced yet. A few weeks later you were bopping to most any beat you heard. It was like you took it as a challenge. The seriousness on your face while you baby twerk is just too much for me. Gah. I love you.

It snowed this month. You loved it and being outside in general. The ladies at church say that when Wren cries just take her outside and she’s fine. Your curiosity and fearlessness has been a joy to watch.

Your Lola and I were talking about you already being one and how you’re not really a baby anymore, and then we both paused. Did you ever feel like a baby? Even on the first night in the hospital when Lola saved us me there was this strength about you, almost like you liked having people around but you didn’t need people around. There is just nothing helpless about you.

While I’m pretty sure you came into this world ready to dominate I hope you know that you can always rest in my love and (much more significant) God’s love.

Mama Bird

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