Birds Singing in the Sycamore Trees…

Miss Wren,

It’s been a year since we laid eyes on you. You are a dream come true. Which I don’t think I’ve ever told you about the dream.

Months before you were conceived I had a dream that I was holding a baby. I was holding my baby. A little girl. And someone asked, “When was she born?” And I didn’t know. I felt so bad that I didn’t know my baby’s birthday. It was a sticky dream so when I woke up it felt like there was this residue on my brain. Some dreams are sticky, like they’re half real and half dream. When I woke up I immediately thought, “March 7th. That baby was born on March 7th.”

Your dad and I didn’t think we’d have another kid so I wasn’t sure how you’d be born on March 7th. Would we decide to adopt that day? Would this baby be born on March 7th and we’d adopt that baby? Would I get pregnant on March 7th? I didn’t know what March 7th meant, but I knew it was special.

A few months later I found out I was pregnant and that you were due on March 1st. That was close enough to a prophecy to me! Your brother came earlier than his due date which meant that I would likely have you early too so I pushed it out of my mind that you’d actually be born on March 7th. The closer we got to the due date the more I rested in the fact that wow. God told me about you before we even knew you’d exist.

Here’s a little funny thing. I was thinking about what to title this blog post. Your name is Wren (duh) and I just start humming “birds singing all around you, whispering I love you.” That’s a good title, but what song is it from? I start googling the lyrics I can think of and this is the song:

Dream a Little Dream of Me

sesame street fainting GIF

You are a dream, little one. You have a sweet and determined spirit. You started as a dream, and I have no doubt that God will continue to help you achieve dreams He puts in your heart. You are a delightful little person and you do not know how incredibly honored I am to be your mom.

Dream big, Little Bird.
Mama Bird

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