Brush it Off

If my friends ever got together and were like, “Marie! Let’s write a book about parenting together!”

First, I’d be like…

flirting GIF by Chord Overstreet

But then I’d get over my DEEP insecurities about parenting and rush to claim the chapter on what to do if your baby falls down because this? This I’ve got.

If your baby falls down and isn’t injured in any real way you ignore that mofo.

ignoring you cory monteith GIF

You ignore that baby hard. You do not yelp. You do not ask if baby is ok. You do not even make eye contact.

Embarrassed Waynes World GIF

Because if that baby smells even a little bit of pity, even the tiniest bit of concerned mother energy going their way they are going into full blown soccer player dramatics.

football acting GIF

This is a parenting rule that has transcended cultures and generations since Adam and Eve. We may not agree about when to start solids or how long a time out should be, but we ALL agree that you do not baby a baby that has fallen down.

Well, Wrenegade fell down yesterday. And I followed my advice. And then this girl? THIS GIRL.

She falls down and my mom and I both catch ourselves before we attend to her. We are veterans at this. She is fine!

Wren stands back up and starts brushing the spot where a boo boo may or may not be. She brushes, she pats, she doesn’t cry. I won’t swear to it, but it makes the story better so I’m going with it She makes eye contact with my mom and I.

something nose GIF

Looks back at her “boo boo” and then this girl? This girl KISSES HER OWN BOO BOO. And goes on her way.

Wrenegade don’t care.

honey badger weed GIF

Wrenegade doesn’t need nobody.

life is but a dream beyonce GIF

Wrenegade is the boss, and we better not forget it.

Meryl Streep Sunglasses GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

And given that I am raising this queen maybe I should write that parenting book…

considering i love lucy GIF

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