The One Where She Potty Trains

I never really wrote about potty training Otis, but just trust me: It was a process.

I had heard, like all moms, that I should wait for the signs. So I’d google The Signs and try to figure out where he was on the Ready-To-Potty Scale.

Hiding to pee or poo? Not really…
Taking off wet diapers? Nope.
Interest in potty behaviors? Not even a little bit.

I thought the internet was lying. Kids don’t really do these things! You have to force them! Convince them! THEY LOVE SITTING IN THEIR OWN CRAP! I mean, who doesn’t, right?!

And then I met 10 month old Wren.

She would ask for diapers to be removed (or remove them herself). In her pretend play with dolls someone is always pooping and sitting on the potty. She carried the toy toilet around from Otis’s fire station for a solid week. Once she insisted on nursing while I was on the potty and when I told her to either nurse while I was on the potty (the disgust on her face at the suggestion made me pee my pants into the toilet) or wait for me to finish she promptly handed me some toilet paper and tried to flush the toilet. She knew how the system worked.

I’ll be honest, early potty training is just as scary, to me, as late potty training.

“Are we sure she is ready?”

“(Remembering potty training Otis) This is going to be a mess. UGH. Diapers are cool, Wren. TRUST ME.”

“Where is my baby?!?! WAH!”

“Are we totally against a third baby? Where are you going?!?”

This past weekend, at 18 months old, Wren pulled on her diaper and said “Poo. Poo.”

I took it off for her and she sat down on her little potty and started ‘trying.’ She then noticed that I had just put the diaper to the side, ready to put it back on her as soon as she ‘tried.’ She got up, picked the diaper off the ground, walked it to the trash can, and came back to the potty and went pee.

you are amazing franchesca ramsey GIF by chescaleigh

I’m not gonna lie, we still haven’t started officially potty training, but I’m thinking this is gonna be a cake walk.

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