Making Space for Everyone

We just got back from Disney World, and I’m slowly posting about it on IG. We had a wonderful time and my parents really made a bunch of dreams come true and accidentally produced two new Disney freaks (you think I’m talking about Wren and Otis) (I’m talking about me and Melissa) (We have a problem, yall).

Disney is a lot of work. There’s money and planning and lines and heat and whining. And when you take a kid like Otis? Where you aren’t sure how he’s going to receive all the magic? It’s a whole new level of stress and anxiety because you want him to get what every other kid gets when they are at Disney World… but what if he doesn’t? What if it’s all too much? What if it’s all a disaster?

Now Disney ended up being great, but the truth is that the anxiety about how Otis is going to handle new situations and places, especially places that are supposed to be fun, is always around. There’s always the question of whether the pumpkin patch or the science museum or the zoo is going to be worth the extra effort it might take. When you’re a parent with a kid with different needs you are always looking at the world wondering if there is space for your kid in it…

Enter Thisbe & Noah’s Promise Park at the Nashville Zoo.


Promise Park is an inclusive playground designed with ALL children in mind. It’s going to be a place where all kinds of needs have been considered. The sensory needs, the cochlear implants, the wheelchairs. And my favorite part is that the equipment is designed so that kids with and without disabilities can play along side each other.

Right now they are raising funds to make this project a reality. And we can help! Thisbe & Noah is hosting Piggy Promises. Our kids can use their entrepreneurial spirit and come up with ways to raise money to make Promise Park happen. They are handing out a piggy bank, tote bag, and helpful fundraising information to participating families. Raise money (car wash? lemonade stand? talent show?) and turn the piggy bank in on November 3rd and get a free pass to the Zoo. The family that raises the most money will even win a year pass to the Zoo! They will have a booth at Boo at the Zoo where you can pick up a Piggy Promise tote bag and learn more about Thisbe & Noah.

I’m not sure what our family is going to do yet, but it will probably be facepaint related because we’re kind of awesome at it:

Hope the Poor Moms will join us in making space for everyone here in Nashville!!!



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