Ride or Die FOUR Life

Sweet girl,

You turned 4 this month. I chose this picture because it delights me and terrifies me.

It delights me that you’re silly. I honestly wasn’t expecting the silliness. You were such a serious little baby. But I guess you read the room. Silly is always welcome in our home.

It terrifies me because I know this face is the warning shot. Mad Wren is about to come out and we have approximately 3.6 seconds to prepare.

Your favorite game, all day and every day, is being The Boss. “I’m the boss today!” you’ll shout at anyone that will listen.
This has been fun. So much fun.

You are so fearless and loyal. You’re the best little sister in the world. You will not only go toe to toe with the Big Kahuna, but you’ll also defend him with everything in you. Basically, you’re your Aunt Melissa.

There are so many ways you amaze me, but mostly I’m just thankful to God for you. Thankful for the little girl you are. The one in love with beauty and power. The one that fearlessly creates and experiments. The one that gets shy when she needs to. The one that gets brave when she has to.

I love you, my little unicorn.

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