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Sometime in 2006
Susan:  Why don’t we study the Book of John, and “do” what Jesus does?
Marie:  What do you mean “do what Jesus does”?
Susan:  Well, the Holy Spirit lives inside of us, so shouldn’t we be able to do what He does?
Marie:  I guess so….

A few months later
Marie:  So I’m reading John 3:17, “God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him”, and I’m thinking it says that Jesus saves the world… maybe that’s not just in the sense of “eternal salvation” but we have the ability to “save” the world in a more practical sense…
Susan:  Well, who needs saving?  Who can we help?
Marie:  Maybe afterschool programs, helping kids learn to read…
Susan:  Teaching people how to use computers, ESL classes…
Marie:  Counseling and teaching families to better love and take care of each other…
Susan: (very matter-of-factly) Great, so let’s “save” the world!

That’s a condensed version of how we happened across the idea that we call CreateFaith. 

Today we met with a pastor here in our little area that shed some light on the needs of our neighbors.  We learned about a church that would love for someone to come in and start an afterschool program seeing as how kids are all around, all the time.  A group of pastors from different denominations coming together weekly for the past 3 years to pray for South Nashville.  A group interested in working together to form a language institute for the Antioch community. 

We’re excited.  I feel… legitimate.  There was something so powerful about speaking out your dreams and ideas with someone you had never met before.  All of a sudden ideas that have felt… gaseous are becoming tangible. 

For the past two years I’ve worked at a construction company, and even though I’m a very small part of the process of constructing a building (that small part being answering the phones :D) it has been neat to see someone’s dream of a building become a reality.  I’ve honestly craved for that same process to happen in my own life.  To see dreams become real.

After today I feel like they kind of did.