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Do you know who Cody Simpson is?

I was watching Extreme Home Makeover last night and through the tears (note: if you can watch Extreme Home Makeover and not sob at least once you’re probably the devil) I had an epiphany:

I am old.

And if you have no clue who Cody Simpson is then you’re probably old, too.

At some point in the show they had some kid start singing. And they introduced him like people might care, or even get excited. And one of the little girls in the house gasped when she saw him and then whispered, “Cody Simpson“.

Cody Who?

I’m guessing he’s to Justin Beiber what Mandy Moore was to Britney Spears. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that I didn’t know who he was and I’ve been waiting for this day since I was 17 when I realized there were actual human beings out there that didn’t understand the difference between N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and O-town. As mind boggling as it seemed, I knew a day was coming when I would be… out of touch.

And December 2, 2011 is officially that day. Sigh.

Thankfully, I’m doing what I can to make sure I don’t look as old as my lack of pop star knowledge clearly indicates I am.

The Rodan+Fields Anti-Age Regimen is a great way to start taking care of your skin today so that you’re not Botoxing tomorrow.

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Age Like A Vampire

This is Edward Cullen. He was born in 1901. That means he’s, like, really old.

But you’d never know it because he’s a faithful user of Rodan+Fields’ Anti-Age Regimen.

Ok. I’m lying. Obvs.

But I highly doubt you’d want to go through what he did to keep that chiseled yet glittery skin. Unless you’re down with almost dying during a plague and then getting bitten by a doctor/vampire only to find your one true love one hundred years later and spend the next couple years doing everything you can to keep her accident prone mortal self alive.

I digress.

We all want to keep our youthful appearance and short of Botox (ew) I’m really starting to believe the Anti-age Regimen is your best bet.

Lips are where you’ll first see aging… (I love the lip renewing serum)

And hands? Raise your hand if you want to look like the crypt keeper? Yeah. The hand regimen is amazing.

So, unless you fall in love with a hundred year old vampire and convince him to turn you in to one as well, you might want to seriously consider starting to take some serious care of that skin of yours.

Skin. It’s a beautiful thing. Wear it well.

But isn’t Rodan+Fields a Pyramid Scheme?

Um, no.

I’ll be honest. I thought so, too, at first. Because we’ve all been taught for the warning bells to go off when there’s even a hint of asking someone to buy or join, right?

But then I thought about it some more and I realized how wrong I was. And Gary Vaynerchuck, my favorite Internet celebrity, showed me why.

We don’t pay attention to advertisements. If you have Tivo, you fast forward through commercials. And everyone is too busy texting while they’re driving to notice billboards.

As a small business owner, it’s the question I struggle with daily. How on earth do I get my services/product in front of people that will want to buy it? And even better, how do I get them to talk about it?

Gary Vaynerchuk says that in today’s world you have to start selling to people one-on-one. The mass platforms (television, newspapers, magazines) are dying a slow death.

What I love is that Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields saw the same thing.

Their product was in all of the high end stores. Not only did it have shelf space it was also a top seller.  But after the success of Proactiv the doctors had to wonder why their anti-age and sun damage regimes weren’t household names yet. So they started asking questions and they found out that Estee Lauder (the company they partnered with to get into the department stores, read the 2003 press release here) wasn’t responsible for their sales. Women using their products and telling their girlfriends was responsible for their success.

Rodan+Fields tested the direct sales waters and discussed making the switch with Estee Lauder by its side. Unfortunately, Estee Lauder knew it wasn’t the right organization for the direct sales aspect and sold the rights back to R+F (while keeping a vested interest because they knew the money was coming). So they restructured the companies to pay the people who were really selling the products: you, the consumer.

Not only that, they pay tons better than trying to get your foot in the mommyblogger door, which is another post for another day.

Products aren’t sold with commercials or celebrity endorsements. Gary Vaynerchuk sees it. The doctors saw it. And I see it too.

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