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No gas for you!

Nashville ran out of gas this weekend.  Not so much because of a real lack of gas, though that did play a small part.  No, it is because our city is crazy.  And anxiety ridden.  And kinda stupid in a silly way.

Because I pulled up to a gas pump, no line, no waiting for the pumps to prime, on Sunday afternoon.  After the mass hysteria.

Because of this situation I get a call this morning from my mom…

Marie:  Hello.
Mom:  Marie.  What was the name of the kangaroo before it was a kangaroo?
Marie:  Excuse me?
Mom:  The kangaroo.  What did we call it before?
Marie:  What kangaroo?  You guys have a kangaroo?
Mom:  On the corner.  Marie, what was it called? (Her voice tells me this is not the time to act like I don’t understand her… unfortunately, I really don’t understand her)
Marie:  The kangaroo? On the corner? I really don’t know…
Mom:  Marie!
Marie: Mom! (Because saying each other’s name in frustration helps the communication process)  I don’t know a kangaroo on a corner… OH!!! The Kangaroo Express gas station!  What was the gas station called before it was a Kangaroo Express!  I get it!
Mom:  What did you think I was talking about?
Marie:  A real kangaroo.  I thought you needed the name of a kangaroo.  Isn’t that funny? I thought you’d gone crazy.  That we’d have to put you down or something…
Mom:  What was the kangaroo before? (She isn’t down with the jokes today.)
Marie:  Golden Gallon.
Mom:  Thank you.  I need to call and see if they have gas.  Bye.

Beginning your day with funny phone calls from mom is better than coffee.

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