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Talking Heads

I’ve never understood how couples could get married then find out that their value systems and spiritual beliefs were completely opposite.  How could you not know what your best friend thought about life after death?  Or the meaning of life?  Whether sanctification was positional or progressive?

Wasn’t this basic first date fodder?

Unfortunately, most couples aren’t confronted with these important issues until they try raising kids together.  From what I can tell, you can’t return kids. So life changes forever and you’re essentially stuck in this relationship, trying to make the two belief systems work, end up hating each other forever, all because you didn’t talk before you shagged.  Sad, really.

Well, Mark and I talked all the time about our spiritual beliefs.  We never talked about politics.  Never.  Ever

Because who cares about politics?

And then we had kids.  I named mine Barack.  He named his War Monger, I mean, John.

We’ve been seduced by the party conventions.  We even listened to the Fred Thompson throat clearing speech.  Yeah, we’re kind of addicted.

At the end of each speech we spend nearly two hours arguing about how effective the speech was while doing Google searches for more evidence to help support our position…

Marie:  I see what you’re saying.  You don’t want to love the world like Obama would… like Jesus would. 
Mark:  I’m saying he doesn’t have a lot of experience… you can’t ignore that.
Marie:  What I “can’t ignore” is that 90% of our beloved celebrities adore Obama.  How can you go against our celebrities, Mark?  Have you no heart?  Lemme find the will.i.am YouTube video for you… that’ll change your mind…
Mark:  Well, listen to this… Rush Limbaugh makes some really interesting points…

Rush Limbaugh?  He considers opinions from Rush Limbaugh? 

Who is this man I have married?

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